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Since 1988 guitarist and vocalist.
Today #21 in Thrash Metal subgenre
War Ensemble - SLAYER disbanding tribute cover
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The envious must shut up
Peak position #27
War Ensemble - Slayer disbanding tribute cover
I was born in Soncino, an ancient village in Northern Italy on June the 20th 1973. Since the childhood, I was interested in playing musical instruments, but until the age of 13 I didn't begin to play any., My music teacher at the middle school was used to play:The final countdown from the band Europe on the accordion. I really like that song. My father is an accordionist, so I asked him to teach me how to play it. I practised the accordion for about two years, learning some kind of waltz, too. In the meantime some of my peers begun listening to metal bands. A couple of them were living closer and listening at extreme volume their favourite songs. I got interested and went to my neighbours asking to borrow a music-cassette. I chose: The number of the Beast by Iron Maiden and Ride the lightning of Metallica. I loved that music immediately, choosing to leave the accordion to play the guitar. Firstly I bought a classical guitar and learned the basic techniques within a method created for the Commodore 64. At the age of 17, I bought my first electric guitar, a very used Kaway Aquarius Custom. It was impossible to find out musicians in my surroundings to play metal, so I've joined some cover bands. With the Nessuno I played my first gig. Afterwards, I recorded my first demo tape, helped by a classmate who created drums and bass through his Commodore AMIGA. In that age, there were just a few ways of promotion. In late 1993 I formed the band Castigo youtu.be/cBBhRG3cpkg . We recorded a 3 tracks demo tape, but after a quarrel, I quitted the band. Then I joined the death metal band Aphelion to play this gig youtu.be/QYvKdm8DlDs . After a couple of years and some gigs the band decided to change his musical style and I disagreed ... So I tried to play a different kind of music, but I felt it more challenging and less satisfactory. In the middle of 1999 I began with my home recording solo project. It has been quite a disaster. So in 2003, I retired. I turned back to the classical guitar and dedicated myself to it completely, selling part of my electric instrumentation. Five years later I changed my mind again, but I didn't want to make the same previous mistakes. Registering on the Facebook network I got in touch with old friends, members of the Aphelion band. Talking with them about my desire to record again some tracks I was surprised to understand they wished to help me...and that's it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Unfortunately, I don't at the moment. I've made some gig in the past. I think live experiences are important ,but they may be really challeging.
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Handmade and custom guitars.
Anything else?
Thanx 4 watching!
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