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Creator,Producer CARLOS OLLERVIDES aka SLAVEDRIVER THIRTEEN Solo Artist Pump'n The Teen-Youth World with MetalPunk Evolution!
Creator / Producer, Singer Songwriter Carlos Ollervides aka "SLAVEDRIVER THIRTEEN" Solo Artist. Pump'n the Teen-Youth World % and more.
Band/artist history
Creator / producer Carlos Ollervides, singer songwriter / drummer of Metal Hard'n Heavy Rock Band "HIRED GUNS" in 1995 with guitarist Mike Morgan in the Low "B'. Bassist Sam Persons joined in 1995. HIRED GUNS award at the Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Hard Rock Artist of the Year 1995. I reinvented as a solo artist, aka SLAVEDRIVER THIRTEEN 1999. "411" I'm recording song's / films, do'n gigs with... or random producing other Artists and more.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've done TV shows in San Francisco , Los Angeles & Orange County. "HIRED GUNS USA & SLAVEDRIVER THIRTEEN" gigs @ the ROXY, WHISKEY, COCONUT TEASER and more in Hollywood with bands like Link'n Park, Slaves on Dope, Stainn'd, Gwar. Other clubs in North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Glendale & other places in California. Cable shows like "Whats in and Whats out", Metal Show & channel UPN 13 shows with the Poor Man Broadcast TV gigs and appearences @ events in California, Nevada, Arizona & North Carolina feel'n the Southern Cross, my NC Brothers. I really get inspired when everyone gets crazy and reflects on a jolt of my creations. S13 METAL ARTIST of the year 2004 @ the 14th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood California @ the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater. Walking down the night red carpet with the lights in the sky was crazy with on the spot interviews, photo shoots and more... The night went off in a Guns'n Roses fashion with the S13 crew, we took over the west side of the roof top cabana's. S13 & Adult Film Star Trinity James, Miss Scarlet & Zita with S13 guitarist the "stANGELet" & drummer "Rock'a John" kicked it with Mag interviews, a record contract offer & a clothing offer. A friend of Trinity "No Named Adult Actress" ran into our feasco, toes'n fore play between the two were go'n off up inside those designer dresses. I ran into another girl that joined us from South Bay " hang'n out... like a poser " a few said it was evil but the media loved all of it. I don't think TMZ was alive yet... S13
Your musical influences
OZZY Metal forever. Marlyn Manson produces the now!
What equipment do you use?
Marshall, Ampeg, Sonor, SURE, AKG, JBL, Dean guitars and Paiste.
Anything else?
www.slavedriver13.com www.myspace.com/slavedriverthirteen, I TUNES USA, MEXICO, CANADA, JAPAN, EURO UNION & NEW ZEL / AUST "AMAZON" "RHAPSODY" "SHOCK HOUND"