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The Collective Conciousness
The Collective Conciousness
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It's all about the music
The members of the band known as The Collective Conciousness are Mortika Lacrosse, Abaddon Lucifer, Vixen Fireheart, Azrael Fireheart, Darsi Menace, Rayford Lahaye,Carson Kindheart, and Black Thander Dragon. The band was started in 2013 by Mortika Lacrosse and Vixen Fireheart.Mortika Lacrosse has a very extensive musical background. Since 1999 he's been rapping under various rap aliases like Crazy Anthony, Crazy A, Angelus Deville, Psychopathic Anthony, Zombi Kidd, and Cross+Fire. Mortika Lacrosse also has been in other bands like Co Conspirators, Killer Chronic Kids, BallBusters, and many others. Vixen Fireheart comes from a classical background and plays the violin. Rayford Lahaye is a rapper under the name Doktor Anarchy but plays classical music on occasion as well. Abaddon Lucifer also used to play instrumental music before he joined the band.
Band/artist history
The band was formed in 2013 because Mortika Lacrosse needed some royalty free music for his videos. From there it turned into what became our band. It was started by Mortika Lacrosse and Vixen Fireheart. At first they were the only two members of the band. From there to now the membership of the band has grown. The rest of the history is kinda mentioned in the introduction.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No we don't play live because certain members don't like playing live. No special moments to date.
Your musical influences
Well our musical influences vary from member to member. For instances Mortika Lacrosse likes music like Nightwish, Corporate Avenger, ICP, Eminem, Dark Lotus, Nirvana, KISS, and various others. Vixen likes music like Nightwish, Evanescence, and all various types of music. Each member has their own taste which we believe will make our music different from what you may be used to. We as a band want to make ourselves unique and not the same old stuff you're used to
What equipment do you use?
Just your basic stuff that people usually use. Instruments and a computer. Nothing complicated really. We like to keep it simple
Anything else?
We hope you enjoy our music and enjoy the experience that is our band
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