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88 the Alien
88 the Alien
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I make music for the spirit...I place mantras for success and wealth in all my music...I place mantras for healing in all my music...I'm something of mystic...M
R.I.D.E. Feat B-Boy Severe
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Futuristic (Feat. B-Boy Severe)
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Feelin' Nutty (Feat. B-Boy Severe)
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Gotta Get It (Feat. 88 the Alien)
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Break You Off ft 88 the Alien
Band/artist history
I lived 6 years in Italy DJing at a radio station and in the local clubs. I don't like to name drop because it's not a good look in the circles I roll with. But I was raised/mentored by ad artist named Mikki Bleu until I was 17... I was always behind the scenes observing, soaking in and learning how entertainment works behind the scenes..88 knows his music because he understands energy...electromagnetism...GRAVITY as all real M.C.'s should.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live here and there from Italy all the way to a cruise ship in the Caribbean since 2000 until 2012 in Orlando. I love to perform and I love seeing the audience react to someone who can rap and actually speak intelligently while pop-locking or moving like a preacher filled with the spirit. A time that really stands out to me is after a performance I saw video tape of me in action and I hear a man mumble "Did you say he was preacher!" I love when people mistake my cover for being the pages that turn in my heart and mind that is my book of life. I also like when I've had to go on first and the venue or club was noisy but then I catch there attention. That's the aim and goal of any performer....maybe even pleasure
Your musical influences
Any one who has had a number 1 hit or been on the Billboard 100 influences me. Due to my spiritual family and family friends I've had the fortune to travel and live as if I've long had a record deal. I've been studying how to bring a positive message in the way lovers of ignorant and foolish behaviors will still accept. Have to listen to the best in order to find what works. Then as a commercial artist your job is to find the balance between what your heart wants and is proven to work. That's the negative of going and depending on commercial success to sustain a life. You will forever have to compromise. The 6 years in the Air Force helped with that.
What equipment do you use?
AKAI MPK 88, NI Audio 6 interface, 2 JBL's and 4 Truth B2031a, FL 10, Everything Native Instruments had made and makes, Kontak 5 and limitless libraries...Massive.. all the Zebrafy Vst's...That's main stuff I'm using but I been making beats for a decade now....I ave stuff I won't until 5 years from now....
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