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Mourning Of The Heretic
4 Piece Dark Metal quartet hailing from the pits of Derry/LondonDerry (UK) /contact@mourningoftheheretic.co.uk for bookings or general inquiries
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The Forest And Her.mp3
Here is the short version of what has been a very long story. M.O.T.H (Mourning Of The Heretic) was born in 2010, singer M. Valdemar and guitarist Arnie Edgar have been writing and playing their own music before the formation of M.O.T.H. Mixing a number of their influence and styles, they created music along the lines of what would or could considered "Dark Metal" due to their doom laden style of lyric's and vocals, chorused bass, fast yet melodic guitars and pounding drums. The music was created in a dank, cold and low lighted shed which possibly had an effect on the music itself was Dark, Dramatic and heavy none the less. A very dynamic act with an impressive live show which has been described by viewers as terrifyingly exciting, intense and Bloody! The have released their E.P (Melancholic Verses And Diabolical Curses) and their demo (Wonderer from the Nightly Shore) available to download on http://mourningoftheheretic.bandcamp.com/ M.O.T.H have now incorporated various computer programmed instruments and drums into their live act, and are playing shows all around Northern Ireland, they are currently promoting their new E.P and writing new material x
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In Northern Ireland
Your musical influences
Cradle Of Filth, My Dying Bride, David Bowie, NIN, Gary Numan, Paradise Lost, Moi Dix Mois
What equipment do you use?
schecter, shure, trace elliot, ez drummer, epiphone, shure, ernie ball