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John Mason band
This is a recording process in the works in Southern NJ, Atlantic City area. I play lead guitar, Keyboards, bass, vocals. I find different friends for drums.
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24 songs
6.8K plays
Shadows of dreams.
My friend Denise Lowndes Tanner, wrote these lyrics back in 72. I added the music, melody, and have kept it alive for 50 years. This is my latest take. Bob Grant on drums.
John Mason band /collab #36 in Guitar Rock
Guest vocals = James Plant. John Mason = All guitars. Drums = Bob Grant. Bass = Brad M.
Written about that Girl from the sky. That perfect Spiritual Lady.
Come with me.
Truth, Life Feelings, Passion .
Unwind time = middle lead.
This is the middle 5 minute lead that goes in to the dream state, of the song, than back to the hustle and bustle. Clark Quigly and I on guitars. Dave Landes = bass, JeffX on drums.
This is a recording project for my original works. I play rhythm and lead guitar, bass, Vocals, mandolin, keyboards and a little bit of harp. Other musicians are friends and people I respected enough to go on this journey with me. Music has been with me since I was a small child. I hope to give it back.
Band/artist history
Bands I have played with. Rock Bottom(8th grade) lol. Zavian, Head First, Brawler, Voyager, The Burns brothers, No Brakes, Star Riders, Crosswinds, Rhythms Edge, Ground Control, Riptide, Havoc, "MotherWolf" , And many other SJ cover and original bands.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live in South Jersey all my life, from Cape May to Asbury Park and Philadelphia. Lots of good times were had by all and I have no regrets. Just memories.
Your musical influences
Beatles, Stones, Dave Clark five, British rock guitarists. Deep Purple, Uriah Heep.
What equipment do you use?
69 Gibson SG Deluxe, 83 Les Paul Studio, Epiphone 61 RI Les Paul Custom. Traynor YCV40 and YCV80, Marshall JCM800 w 1960 4 -12 cabinet. Aspen 12 string acoustic.
Anything else?
If you can change the world for a better place, Do it. Peace.
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