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the end of the world
the end of the world
26 Tracks
this is music for a play, probably, or maybe a concept album. seriously where do you draw the line between the two? this whole album will be based revolutionar
should really know better
Today #80 in Riffs and Licks subgenre
when the walls fall down
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and lo... the grass doth grow.mp3
Peak in sub-genre #7
my work here is done.mp3
should really know better (wip).mp3
hello! (/aside say hello, too!) ok, fine. hello. we're 'the end of the world'. just kidding there's only one of us. me, that is. hello, i am 'the end of the world'. the end of the world is me. stripped bare, awkwardly naked. shy, self-ashamed. unabashedly honest. damnit, haven't you heard of knocking? put down the distortion pedal! back away from the gain! (well, maybe a bit of distortion). sigh. turned on? that makes two of us.
Band/artist history
as long as there has been life on planet earth there has been the imminent threat of nuclear holocaust. be forwarned! and live every day like it's your last! (unless that gives you panic attacks, in which case live every day like you've got till 80 or so - otherwise you'll spend every day refining your will and that won't leave much time for living)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
nope. i don't leave the house much so you can see how'd playing live would be problematic...
Your musical influences
as numerous as the stars in the sky or cars stuck in rush hour traffic! to name a few: propagandhi, nofx, mars volta, our lady peace (first album only), tool, scale the summit, city and colour, muse, yes, nomeansno, me first and the gimme gimmes... at the same time i have no fucking clue. i just make music.
What equipment do you use?
my dick, my hand, and a pirated copy of guitar pro 6
Anything else?
'i'd like to thank the guy, who wrote the song, that made my baby fall in love with me'
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