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Mach Society
Mach Society
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Hard hitting, high energy, rock n' roll, with emphasis on tasty hooks, melodic vocals, and memorable chorus'.
Mach Society consists of former member's of Seattle band, Manalive. With a new direction, a whole new catalog of music, and new name, comes a new beginning! Terry Houser - Lead Vocals Brian Martinez - Guitars/Vocals Alex Inderbitzin - Drums Bob Mcaskill - Bass/Vocals
Band/artist history
MACH SOCIETY began their journey in 2003, as MANALIVE. Guitarist, Brian Martinez, and drummer, Alex Inderbitzin, who had been jamming together since 2000, met vocalist Terry Houser, along with bassist Ryno, and guitarist Josh Summerfield, and things started to come together. The band chose the name Manalive, and proceeded to write and perform. In 2005, Manalive released their first LP, titled "Constant State Of Sickness". 2006 - 2009, was spent writing new material, and playing a few gigs each year. In 2006, all the band's gear was stolen. In 2008, bassist Ryno, was replaced by bassist, Cameron Brown, then in 2009, their self-titled 5-song EP was released. Soon thereafter, guitarist Josh Summerfield left the band, and so they forged on as a four-piece, and kept moving forward. In 2012, after a couple of rebuilding years, some severed fingers, broken hands and a whole library of newly written material, Manalive changed their name to MACH SOCIETY, and began recording their next installment of hard-hitting rock. In 2015 Bob Mcaskill replaced Cameron Brown at the bass position. But they just keep on doing what they do... Bringing the Rock! "It's been a roller coaster of a ride, but they have great chemistry, and some great songs".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live shows, in the Seattle/Tacoma area, mostly.
What equipment do you use?
Mezzabarba MZero Diezel Einstein 100 Mesa 4x12 Diezel 2x12 Sennheiser mic's Gibson/PRS/Ovation guitars Schecter/Ibanez basses DW Custom drums
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