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Welcome to the Evolution of Hip Hop.
We Can't Stop Now - ** EDM Trap Hop Anthem **
Peak position #94
Out of Control - **EDM Smash Hit**
Peak in sub-genre #4
Rise (Batman Dubstep!)
Peak position #40
Their Last Ride (King Arthur Dubstep!)
Peak in sub-genre #24
Busting Through (Pirate Dubstep!!)
Chinese Pop/Rnb 'Improve our World'
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Welcome to the Morningstar Productions Soundclick Page! You want more than just a 4 bar loop beat. You want more than just another reproduced mainstream boom and clap. You want tracks that will set you apart and give you the unique sound that will distinguish you as an artist. That's what I'm all about. If you are an A&R or are searching for a top notch producer for your film, game, album, or commerical contact us now at Afmorningstar@gmail.com. NONE OF THE MUSIC ON THIS PAGE CAN BE USED FOR ANY COMMERCIAL APPLICATION(Demos, shows, etc.) WITHOUT OUR WRITTEN CONSENT. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THIS CONDITION WILL RESULT IN LEGAL PROSECUTION. We offer only the finest quality music that can take any artist to the next level.......Enjoy the music!
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LEASING RIGHTS ($40.00)-You may use the track for one commercial project, such as an album, show, soundtrack, etc. Morningstar Prod. retains sole rights to the track and you must give appropriate credit. If you are going to use it for more than one commercial project, then you must purchase exclusive rights. Upon purchase you will be sent one leasing contract, and an untagged version of the beat in both .wav and .mp3 format. Package Deals -Lease 2 tracks and get the third lease for free! EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS (Ask for Pricing)-The beat will be posted as sold and will not be liscensed or leased to anyone else. You may use it for as many commercial projects as you wish, and while the track becomes yours, you must still give credit to Morningstar Prod. Upon purchase you will receive an exlcusive rights contract, and an untagged version of the beat in both .wav and .mp3 format. --When you choose to purchase Excl. Rights on a track we will be willing to make any minor modifications to it in order to suit your needs. Protools trackouts are also available for a 15$ surcharge. -Purchase Exclusive Rights to 3 tracks and receive a fourth track free! (of equal or lesser value) -Custom Tracks are 500.00$-Our team will work closely with you to make the instrumental exactly the way that you want it. We will not stop working on the song until you are completely satisfied with the product. Contact for testimonials or more information. -For full album production deals contact us through email. Methods of Payment-PAYPAL, Money Order, Check Paypal Account Email=AJFairman@aol.com If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us- Email-AFmorningstar@gmail.com HIT UP http://WWW.SOUNDCLICK.COM/SHADOWVISION for the best orchestrals and soundtracks on the net-
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*NEW* Give Thanks *NEW* - BUY 1 GET 2 FREE / 35 N
Billie Jean (BUY 2 GET 1 FREE)
Heart On Ice
Money (Tyga x YG x Saweetie Type Beat)