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David Peppi
Instrumental Composer and Collaborator.
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52 songs
9.5K plays
Lost In Time
Classical Piano Serenade with a warm string accompaniment.
Autumn Sky
Co-Produced by Kapka Peppi, she was the inspiration behind the rain and wind in the bridge along with nothing but the piano track.
Uncertain Times
A very dark, brooding piece of music.
Soundtrack Style Electronic Classical Piece that would be a great backdrop for the Supernatural. Something about that Piano Solo that brings me back time and again. See if you can spot the universal melody for things gone haywire.
Cinematic score with a triumphant feel.
Band/artist history
Yeah, you know how it all starts. My first keyboard was a two octave tabletop organ that took an hour to warm up before it made noise. (and I mean noise) My Bro and I had more fun with that thing by throwing a marble in the motor and pretending it was a helicopter. I don’t quite remember what happened to that organ but I am fairly certain the marble didn’t help. Then we would put on our 45 record of “Helter Skelter” and wear that little piece of paper called a speaker to shreds. I spent the next couple of years pounding out Mozart and Beethoven before my friends let me hear Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. Funny, as much as I came to love Floyd it wasn’t until after I started listening to “Yes” that I became infatuated with Synthesizers. Watching Rick Wakeman play “Six Wives of Henry the VIII” (a huge keyboard solo) was awe inspiring. I immediately got a copy of the sheet music and played my piano until it was out of tune. So then it was like “OK, I need to get me one of those synth things”. Not too long after I was the proud owner of my very first keyboard. It was a four octave Korg that could only play four notes at a time. Being so used to playing with ALL my fingers I knew before too long I would get another and another synth. For years I just kept trying to build a wall of keyboards around me to look more like that dude Wakeman. I was trying to build my version of the “Spinal Tap” cocoon by encasing myself behind way too much gear. I have managed to downsize a little these days as things become more dependant on computers but I still Love to keep a full rack of sound modules close at hand. Maybe someday if the opportunity arises I will rebuild the great wall of keys for all to see. Peace to All
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