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Malkolm Johansson
Malkolm Johansson
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Hello. I play fretted and fretless electric bass since 1988 and nowadays I play most improvisations and I make my own records of them but my music has been comp
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Hello. Im an electric bass player and grammatician, both skills selftought. I like to write grammar and improvise bass guitar. I have played bass since 1988 and I nowadays improvise mostly but my music also has been compositions. I allways play with a pick for a bright sound that let my basslines and bassolos interact without muddyness. I play with one bass or with many overdubs and often with an echo-effect with up to 23 seconds of delay that can make one bass sound like a string quintet. I also play improvisation rock with the band Piece Of Art but we are down for the moment. Some few Piece Of Art Jams with my name on it are presented on this site but allmost everything is me myself playing solo or with echo or with many overdubs, sometimes with programmed synth and synth drums. My very large grammar work and more can be found in Swedish at http://hånmål.hemsida24.se/ You have to be able to write the Swedish letter a with a ring over it in the address. My effort for this is larger than for my Music but I feel finished with it right now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have but not right now. I only play with the band Piece Of Art with my brother on synth and guitar and Perre on drums but it is down for a while.
Your musical influences
Im influenced by solistic electric bass music and synth music and symphonic rock but because I have recorded so much I also have been very influenced by my own recordings which generates a completely own sound.
What equipment do you use?
I use 4-string bass guitars, mostly a MTD Heir, Musicman Bongo, Bc Rich Mockingbird and two different fretless basses. I line the signal for this home-made music but have hartke amps and home made electro voice speakers with my band. I also have ampeg equipment for the amplification. I use DR or Rotosound strings and thick triangular raven picks.
Anything else?
I love to play but take long rests from it and I have a constant fight with the coordination between hands and with the speed of the hands.
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