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Weeping Demon
United Kingdom
November 03, 2012
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I've played in a few well established bands over the years, mostly as a drummer. In the last few years, I've been a lead vocal and guitarist in a couple of Rock bands. I've written lyrics/songs since i was a kid so its been fun to record some of those, along with a lot of my more recent compositions. All songs (except where stated) are written, performed and produced by me. I am a solo artist. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my music :-)
Band/artist history
See above.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Retired now but have loved and loathed it. The memories are all good, as was the adrenaline rush at the time :-)
Your musical influences
Rock influenced generally but have quite an eclectic taste. If it's good, the genre is irrelevant.
What equipment do you use?
Recently switched from multi track hardware to a DAW for the first time. I'm learning to use Reaper. I use a PRS SE22 Custom guitar or a self-built Parts caster I call Ghost, combined with a Line 6 HD500 multi effects pedalI. I have a Yamaha DTXplorer electronic drum kit, but usually put it through the Drumkit From Hell extension software with EZ Drummer from Toontrack. I also use a Yamaha keyboard . Everything you hear on my recordings is played by me. I don't use any virtual instruments. The only 'effects' I use are straight from the guitar pedal itself or the essentials effects needed on all vocals. For those, I use Vocal Finalizer from Noise Ash Studios.
Anything else?
Yeah... Have a listen? Thank you for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to my music.
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United Kingdom
November 03, 2012
2,337 plays