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Blame Chelsea
Blame Chelsea
1 Track
Modern, relevant, pop/dance music with a touch of rock mixed in, all sung by the gorgeous Chelsea.
Just Get Me To The Dance Floor
Peak in sub-genre #69
It all began when Chelsea met JJ Blame on Venice Beach in early 2012 at a party. Chelsea overheard a comment that JJ made to a friend that ignited a spontaneous acapella version of Chamillionaires hip-hop classic Ridin Dirty. JJ, who was a musician and an up and coming producer, liked her voice. A friend had an acoustic guitar on the beach and the two spent the next few hours playing covers that they both knew. There was instant chemistry and they knew that this was something that they needed to explore. They shared an interest in writing pop music and began to work on songs that would become their debut EP, "Hollywood." There will be a staggered release over the next few months of the singles on the album beginning with a glossy, upbeat dance track titled Just Get Me to the Dance Floor. The duo feels that this song is a good representation of the EP because of its party hard energy that makes you want to go out, forget your troubles, and seize the night. "Hollywood" is about having fun, feeling carefree, and loving every minute of it.
What equipment do you use?
Abelton, Pro Tools, Fender