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On Beyond Zebra
On Beyond Zebra
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A quirky group of musicians who want to bring quality music back into people's ears.
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One Too Many Tomatoes
Sale of the Century
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On Beyond Zebra is one of Pittsburgh's premiere indie bands, bringing a revolutionary sound to the local scene that is refreshing in an era when musical diversity is hard to come by. Their classy style, catchy original songs and outstanding live performances demonstrate the experience, dedication and depth that make them the talent that they are. OBZ's music is an entertaining enigma. Each song has its own distinct personality. Their innovative albums are riddled with quirky humor, off-beat sentiment and fun, yet thought provoking statements, accommodating nearly any musical taste. Past albums, "..with Flavor Crystals" and "Gone Beyond," were critically acclaimed for their experiment with diversity. However, the latest contribution that OBZ has to offer is their finest yet. "Boxes Made For Shoes" is seamless in its presentation through out the entire CD. OBZ shines on each performance and the quality of the work is that of a major release lable. "Boxes Made for Shoes" is a demonstration of catchy and tasteful acoustic-based songwriting. On Beyond Zebra's live shows are in a class all their own. In a single set, the group takes their audience up and down a musical spectrum, through jazz, blues, swing, ska, rock, and pop. Their performances are inviting and enthusiastic. Lead singer, Janet Pazzynski, draws you in with her high energy and glowing stage presence, her vocals are beautiful and smooth. Leo Kennedy a sensational guitar player, ads a refreshing edge to the sound of OBZ. John Lally is a polished, talented bass player that is rock solid helps to create a rhythm section that can't be beat. And with Ed Wiancko's exceptional drum skills rival that of any of the greats the band is completely tight. The live show has a magnetism separate from their recordings, because you leave having experienced not only the music, but also the energy and soul of the band. On Beyond Zebra is a professional, experienced group. They deliver high quality music, with style, class and talent. They have worked hard and are destined and determined to become one of the area's most prized bands.
Band/artist history
OBZ was created in 1996 by Janet's son Jake and Janet. Jake no longer plays with the band but does ad tunes now and then. On Beyond Zebra has developed over time to be very much a band of it's own. Combining various genres makes this band stand out in the enviroment of today's "Formula" music. "On Beyond Zebra filters their zany perspective through a number of musical styles, throwing in jazz, folk and ska riffs and making it all work seamlessly." - Mike Shanley Pulp Magazine OBZ has grown to Pittsburgh's most charished bands. They are real people with good music
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. We love playing festivals, out of door venues, and venues that appreciate GOOD live music.
Your musical influences
Everything from Frank Zappa to Frankie Yankovich. OBZ's music is a wide variety of genres. All of the music is catchy, fun, and with haunting vocal lines, and excellent musicianship.
Anything else?
We LOVE our fans!! We really are a different sort of band especially in todays musical environment.
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