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Summoned Tide
Summoned Tide
2 Tracks
Summoned Tide is Robertsfors next rock export. Members: Rickard Thelin Vocal / Lead Guitar Jennifer Sikstroem Vocal / Bass Ryan OShea Drums Mikael Thelin
If We fall We will Rise
"Where NWOBHM turns to NSEM You will find Us!" Summoned Tide is Robertsfors next rock export. The journey has just begun to meet the goal of becoming one of the world's biggest bands. Hard facts: Started 2004 with this constellation Members: Rickard Thelin Vocal / Lead Guitar Jennifer Sikström Vocal / Bass Ryan Oshea Drums Mikael Thelin 2nd Guitar Jimi Toivanen Synth / Piano Summoned Tide is a tight, melodic metal band from Robertsfors in Västerbotten, Sweden with influences from Uriah Heep and early Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Helloween. They have already managed to get the name "one of the hottest bands from the North on the metal scene". The band started in 2004 and has the same style now as it was then. Rickard with his magical voice which is compared with the celebrities like Bruce D, Geoff T, Kai H and M Kiske. The band has released two album "If We fall" We will Rise ", dec 2010 and" The Bringer of the Tide "in March 2012. They have only own material. "If We fall" We will Rise " has had bestowed on the high score in reviews around the world. They have had an incredible good feedback from over 100 radio stations that played 'em around the world, this is primarily due to the celebrity fan base that is growing rapidly in Asia and South America. While Swedish radio stations treat them poorly.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
They have in the past year had around 30 live gigs and they have played on a number of festival gigs, like: NORDIC ROCK, Umea, SE, 2012, (Hammerfall, Headline) SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL, Norje, SE, 2011 (Ozzy, Judas Priest Headline) ROCK OUT WILD, Sorsele, SE, 2011 (Crucified Barbara Headline) HOUSE OF METAL, Umea, SE, mar 2011, (U.D.O. Headline)
What equipment do you use?
We all use many different variations of labels and we probably use every label you can think of like: Line 6, Gibson, Ibanez, Boss, Korg and merry-go-round. We're releasing a video in the future with a detailed list of what we got. and We currently have no endorsement.
Anything else?
In the year of 2004, a band called Summoned Tide washed ashore, and a new-season-epic metal band was born. From the northern woods of Sweden they came...bla bla bla. Enough of this fancy intro, Summoned Tide consists of 5 members and our music style varies from progressive metal/ rock to erotic nature beats. Our goal is to spread our music all over the entire world/ universe...and to play at oversized stadiums of course!