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Psychic Element
Psychic Element
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I'm a young trance producer, with ambition of going all the way. I mostly make uplifting and progressive trance, with a bunch of elements taken from techno and
Native Future (Original Mix)
Peak position #85
Time and Space (Original Mix)
Peak in sub-genre #18
Energy of the Night (Original Mix)
Peak in sub-genre #19
Peak in sub-genre #21
Psychic Element - Inception
I've been making music since i was 8 years old. Even from the very beginning dance/trance was my big passion. At first i was putting together colored bars in the first Dance eJay. After 2-3 years i was so annoyed by the limits of the software, so I expanded. Well... that be... i got Dance eJay 2. But just the features of adjusting volume on individual samples, shotening them, and even making my very own beats lifted my level experience. But as i grew, and home-music software was getting cheaper, I brought home from USA... Dance eJay 5, with a rapid expansion of Dance eJay 6. Now, I started to make my very own music. My own chords, my own melodies. I started using the Dance eJay 6 at the age of 13. I joined the eJay-community, and within a year, I was among the past top producers. Through my last time with eJay i had been using a bit of FL Studio, but never concentrated, due to I didn't understand anything of it. But then one day, I once again got tired of the limits of Dance eJay. I needed more options, more features. So I took the step... I left eJay, day-to-day and swore my life to FL Studio. I was about to quit many times due to the difficulty of the software. But i kept going. And through some months of understanding and experimenting, in 2005, i had made my first actual track. And from that first track... I started evolving quickly. More and more effects, and more advanced sounds started to form my music and the sound i'd been wanting to reach for so long. Ever since I have been expanding my horizon in order to make better and better tracks. In late-2006 till the start of 2008 i had music uploaded here on SoundClick. my tetris remix was in the solid top for a long time and so was a couple of my original creations. For some time i was pleased with my results in music. But as i kept on making music and people still was crediting me for my tetris remix, and not my original tracks, i choose to remove my music from soundclick and some other pages alike in the middle of 2008. Since then i've been working hard as ever to make my music sound as professional as possible. Only a few uploads here and there to see how i was doing. And now... I believe i've reached the sound of my dreams. So i will once again start to share my music online. I don't know what i will bring... but that's what time will show. At the age of 13 i started with Dance eJay 6 and within 2 years ended in the very top of the eJay community
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, from time to time. But as a DJ, and not as the music producer Psychic Element. So I don't play a lot of my own music live.
Your musical influences
I have many musical influences. The ones who made me fight for making trance i DJ Shog, Ron van den Beuken and a danish artist called Mikkas. Later on it has not been actual artists, but particular tracks andf styles that have inspired me.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 8 for arranging and mastering - Nexus - DUNE - Sylenth1 - z3ta+ 2 - 3xOsc (Standard Plug-in) - Vengeance sample packs.
Anything else?
Any feedback will be highly appriciated. If you should have a question of any sort, don't be shy to write me.
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