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Welcome to CrunkNation Entertainment. AKNF 2 Death...CNE 4 Life!!!
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Wastelander's Revenge :-(
You got dumped in some radioactive waste, but gained new superpowers, and you're coming for your revenge ... Muzik ;-)
One Second Bomb Threat
Ag'd lunatic behind the wheel of a bomb armed, 18 wheeler fuel truck, chasing after you ... Muzik ;-)
We are CrunkNation! There is but one CrunkNation. There is no "real" CrunkNation. CrunkNation is CrunkNation. To say "real" CrunkNation is to say there are other "wanna-be CrunkNation's" that pretend to be CrunkNation. People or groups that call themselves or pose as CrunkNation without really being CrunkNation are biters, fakers, and thieves, all of which are hated and despised by CrunkNation. Therefore, you identity thieves can't possibly be CrunkNation. If you fake "wanna-be CrunkNation's" were really CrunkNation, you would feel shame & hate for your trickery & f**kery. Since you don't, we will expose you. And so no one will have to rack their brains as to what CrunkNation is or what they want CrunkNation to be, we've had since 1999 to form and develop CrunkNation, so allow us to spell it out for you: CrunkNation is a body of people, ideas, and resources united for the purpose of creating opportunities and fulfilling dreams, while delivering the highest quality of products and services.
Band/artist history
T. Saye aka Taz started CrunkNation in spring of 1999. I met Young Tre (artist/ songwriter) in 2000 that in turn brought Goldie Mak (artist/ songwriter) aboard. We formed the group Dem Nation Boys and released Ready 4 Drama in 2001. It also featured Swiss aka GQ (Gangsta Queen) Smooth and A.T. The album was produced by Taz, A.T., and Rich (formerly known as the Track Addicts). In 2002, we released Alamo City All-stars/ Represent Yo' Sh*t a compilation featuring several local record label around San Antonio. CrunkNation was featured on 3 of the 16 tracks: Young Tre (21-Z), Swiss (Bullsh*tters), and Nation Clique (Full Time Hustle). In 2003, we released Off The Wall featuring veteran CrunkNation artist Taz, Young Tre, A.T., and Swiss. It also showcases new CrunkNation artist Jus Real, Solja Boy Red, and PB MoBB. We are 3 albums deep and we're coming with more, each one is a tick before CrunkNation blows.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
CrunkNation is always looking for shows to perform in. Our first show as a label, although it's been forever since we've performed, we got it crunk. We even recorded and edited the show for distribution.
Your musical influences
All music that I've listened to has influenced me. My notable timeless influences are Count Basie & Ella Fitzgerald. Stevie Wonder and Teena Marie have inspired me more than anyone as songwriters/producers. Earth, Wind, & Fire, Jamiroquoi, and Tony, Toni, Tone are a few of my favorite bands. Johnny Gill and Tevin Campbell influenced me as male vocalist. Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin influenced me as female vocalist. DJ Paul & Juicy J, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, and Organized Noize are a major influence on my music production. Teddy Riley and R. Kelly influenced me as solid R&B producers. But overall my biggest influence to become a producer/entertainer is the legendary Mr. Quincy Jones.
What equipment do you use?
The main component in my arsenal is my computer. On my computer I use Fruity Loops and other soft synths. I'm also using the Yamaha RS-7000 and QY-70. I'm also working with an extensive library of sample sounds.
Anything else?
"Wherever you're at, there you are." (Quoted from a comedian/ventriloquist whose name I've misplaced. Thanks for your words of encouragement; I really can be doing better.)
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