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The Legendary Goodtimes
A 3 piece classic rock, retro soul and swamp rock band with a taste for Whiskey.
4 songs
70 plays
09 Restless Soul - The Legendary Goodtimes
04 Wicked Way - The Legendary Goodtimes
01 Die A Happy Man - The Legendary Goodtimes
07 Down And Out - The Legendary Goodtimes
Combining elements of hard rock, soul, and southern rock into something fresh. Melodic and catchy song structures with dynamic and unique percussion. 3 piece retro rock band with a taste for whiskey.
Band/artist history
The Legendary Goodtimes is a conceptual idea of our singer and guitarist Matty J. We do feel however that we have each shaped and molded the sound into what it is today through partnership and respect of all members. The original idea is and always will be to come together for the love of playing original music at live shows. Our style is something that took us about a year to fully develop and control properly. We wanted to write music that pays homage to our heroes of classic rock and other styles such as blues and southern rock.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in and around Southern Oregon, with plans to expand further out on the west coast. We do this for the love of playing live shows. We have no intentions of pursuing a label or "hitting the big time" - we simply do this for the love of our band and the music we are able to create together.
Your musical influences
Soul, rock and motown artists from the 60's and 70's. It ranges from Zepplin to Al Green so its hard to nail down. Basically we love the classic rock sound, the deepness and emotion of soul music, and the stompy feel of southern and swamp rock. We also have modern day music heroes such as The Heavy, The Black Keys, Black Diamond Heavies, Left Lane Cruiser, JJ Grey and Mofro, Gary Clark Jr and on and on.
What equipment do you use?
All classic gear, we want the instruments that created the original classic sound. Matty plays Agile and Les Paul guitars and runs through a simple three pedal pedalboard with wah, tube screamer distortion, and a tuner. This goes into his vintage 1964 Fender Super Reverb amp with single 15" custom shop setup. Dave plays fender style jazz basses and a homemade creation of his own. He plays into an Ampeg bass stack. Mark plays Pearl drums and thats all we know of the specific model.
Anything else?
We just completed recording our first full length release in winter of 2012. Please follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Legendary-Goodtimes/243287885807692 we give away lots of free stuff there and that is our most updated network for both shows and news about the band. Now who's in for whiskey shots?
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