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dangerous muzik inc
dangerous muzik inc
24 Tracks
im the living result of dedicating your life to something... i play what i feel regardless of trend or fad... when im gone when you listen to my music ... you w
i am a multi instrument music producer. my production began in 1987 at the age of 12 with metal and rap music as genres. through the years I have gained a love for all music in general and have dedicated my entire life for the last 20 years to playing recording and engineering all types of music. I take pride in what I do because this is my chosen path and career. My music is available for purchase and I can work with any budget providing there is a budget. contact me @ tommy_danger75@yahoo.com for any questions regarding music production.
Band/artist history
for those that know me im the only one they knew who was always playing writing and performing music.its always been my life always will be
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live when i can im getting older and appreciate a crowd more these days
Your musical influences
great minds like sting prince the beatles george clinton micheal jackson ohio players and so many more i cant even begin to think of the list... good music is good music
What equipment do you use?
roland fantom x8 motif 6 protools 7.4 diamond waves platinum sonar sonnox elite mac g5 8 core klipsh passive monitors beats by dre headphones akg,neuman and blue mics aphex compressors sound toys stedman screens roxul sound barriers and bass traps monster cables takamine guitar bc rich deluxxe v guitar bugera amps line 6 products krank heads and alot of other stuff
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