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His peers say "He is another breed of talent". A Singer, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer and most of all a true musician. Far beyond he can remember, Ambi-DXtrou
Raised in the Midwest Ambi-DXtrous was born with a heart full of creativity and a drive only a handful are blessed to receive. With a unique ear for music and a mind running with ideas, this multi-talented producer is one of a kind. While bringing a unique and new sound to the industry, It was obvious that this young prodigy wasn't your basic Producer. His peers say "He is another breed of talent". A Singer, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer and most of all a true musician. Far beyond he can remember,Ambi-DXtrous has always pushed himself to new heights while striving for a sound never heard before. At the age of 5 instead of playing with toys like the rest of the normal children,Ambi-DXtrous self taught himself to play the Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass, and Trombone. His work ethic and passion for true music are just a few of the reasons he is one of the industries most sought after young producers. With a discography starting at E-40 and ending with Electro Dance music (with some Rock and Country sprinkled in) you can see how the young mogul lives up to his name "Ambi-DXtrous" (Ambidextrous). Not many producers are able to alternate between multiple genres conform ability, but for this young man to even consider catering to the industries many faces, is purely amazing. These are only a few of the incredible talents of this young man. Growing up in the Midwest and having a Multiracial background his home was a melting pot for all forms of music. "One week in my house you would hear Stevie Wonder one day then the next Carlos Santana or Bob James. If you would walk into my sister's room you would hear Tupac or even No Doubt!" This is defiantly heard in his musical compositions. Soulful chord structures with hard hitting percussion cadences with a gritty yet subduing lead melody on top. It's hard for anyone not to find his work addictive.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I do currently my team is coordinating upcoming events.
Your musical influences
I have so many. Growing up I listen to anything. I'm mean like Blue Grass to G Funk. Music and Art are my inspiration. I feel like all musicians feed off each other.
What equipment do you use?
I have so much analog gear haha. I love collecting gear. I use Logic as my DAW. I have softsynths as well as Analog gear in my pieces. I think you get the best music when you mix sounds together to make something new and Edgy.
Anything else?
I'm always willing and Ready to Collab with anyone hard working Send an email to my Management.
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