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Texas Barbudos
January 16, 2004
3,047 plays
Hi Gang, After many years as bass player I decided to manage all alone. Have mercy.
Band/artist history
Twenty years ago I met the devil at a crossroad...and he gimme the Blues
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I does it, now I am an old man playing guitar and drinking cool beer beside my computer. It is always the same song, the song of life.
Your musical influences
ZZ TOP / LYNYRD SKYNYRD / Johnny WINTER / Stevie Ray VAUGHAN / Fabulous Thunderbirds...and many others (Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Bauhaus..) I love all musics.
What equipment do you use?
Bass : Ibanez RB650 / Custom Shop Jazz Bass with NOVANEX B50 Amp/Hartke B30 Guitars : Peavey with Emulated Amps Drums : Hydrogen Recording/Mastering : Ardour / Winified Acid Music 1.0 / Winified CoolEdit Pro 2.0 Effects : Zoom 505/503/VST Ardour
Anything else?
Sorry, I am a really dummy on keyboards...
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I really like the pig being arrested LOL
I am just buzzing around on the alternitive charts and I like what I found of yours!
Man this is some of the best stuff I have heard on this site. You create really good music to listen to. I also enjoy writing different styles depending on the mood i'm in. So if you have time maybe you can listen in. Over all, great work and i want to hear more music like this.