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New school rap with old school originality, a definite ear jerker!
World By Storm (Uproar Officials)
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Last Two People On Earth
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Best of D'zyl Montage (New and Old)
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Put The Stank On It
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An excellent wordsmith and producer, this 23 year old vet (in his own my mind anyway) has the knack for the unthinkable. Born a Gemini, and also being Black and German, he understands the neccessity of duality and fully promotes that in his music. His incredibly strong and varible voice will demand your attention, while his amazing lyrics and wordplay will keep it. He tries to make sure that if the listener is hearing him for the first time, then he/she will definitely want to hear more. His music speaks for itself. Whether it's rap, singing, reggae, or rock, he can manipulate his voice and style to bring forth a sound that is truely RENAISONIC. Peep my beats page for hot instrumentals. www.soundclick.com/hyghyellowproductions And be sure to peep fellow Uproar Artists www.soundclick.com/bishopofbabble www.soundclick.com/dlemmuh www.soundclick.com/sirnose www.soundclick.com/mbkproductions and the new supergroup site www.soundclick.com/uproarofficials And if you wanna' collab, peep the collab page www.soundclick.com/dzylcollabos
Band/artist history
D'zyl, bka as Daniel Fromm, was always gifted with the gift of gab. He won numerous awards all throughout school, including scholarships. He was always into music, and so when the time came he put his gift of gab and writing together and starting writing rhymes. He quickly outgrew everyone he knew and kept developing more and more that he could put to his style. He did every talent show/showcase imagineable, and was invited to be a part of a talent show compilation cd for his school district, making him their first rapper to be on a talent show compilation cd (and it was also his first cd track). Eventually he got into the "adult" circuit and did shows everywhere imaginable, too many to name. He has done songs with every genre of artists, has met a lot of famous people who have given him respect, and has received praised from even HIS idols. Despite his stolen childhood and sheltered life, he still managed to block out depression and channel his pain into positive energy. Everytime he went through something horrendous, he somehow pulled through and searched for better days. He has started over so many times, that it seemed at time he has tried to rebuild his empire with worn out tools, but alas, he still remained strong and continue to conquer all and excel his limit everytime he touched a pen or a mic. He was not alone in this however. He met numerous people along his journey. Including his first group with Flex, Super Lou, Manson, and Schitzo, to his future business partner and lifelong friend Bishop, then to Sunny Phoenix, before finally going solo. During his adventure he met like minded artists who formed a crew called Uproar, which consisted of D'zyl, Bishop, D'lemm-Uh, Hypnotik, Teflon, Sunny Phoenix, Stranger TIM, Nicky Kiv, and later joined by DJ Sir Nose. Although some members left, the unity remained whole. He got numerous offers and deals, and even though some were ruined by others or if was a case of bad timing, either way, it has made him stronger and now he is fully aware of what needs to be done, and more importantly, he's more aware of himself. He once again felt downtrodden and began to make very sad, depressing songs, generally not made by rap artists. But amidst the despair, he continues to make music until the right one comes along. Comfortable with the way life has taught him numerous lessons, he tries to make sure each song is something memorable. He doesn't try to make a certain type of song, he just focuses on making a good song and whatever happens happens. A lot older and wiser now than when he started, this man promises to be something you'll never forget.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time. Lyrics, Ca, China Beach, Fais Do Do, Ca, Cheers, Ca, Hall of Fame, Ca, and various other places. I LOVE PERFORMING LIVE! THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT! YOU CAN'T CAPTURE THAT ENERGY IN A STUDIO! Too many to mention, but probably one of my favorite's was while performing the crowd was screaming for me so loud that I couldn't her myself! And I'M LOUD!!
Your musical influences
Chino Xl, Tech N9ne, STP, NIN, EWF, Digital Underground, Bone, White Zombie, Gorillaz, Run DMC, Kane, Big Pun, G Rap, Crooked I, Lord Have Mercy (all the people I wanted to be, lol).
What equipment do you use?
Won't comment on the mic, DJX, Roland, Triton, Acid 4.0, Cakewalk, Protools (rarely), Cool Edit.
Anything else?
If you love good music that can make you laugh and cry, then check out this artist! He is definitely a breath of fresh air from the armpit of Southern California.
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