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N Talekt
N Talekt
118 Tracks
N. Talekt is an unsigned hip-hop artist from Richmond, VA. One half of Established Dons with Rah Scrilla, his excellent lyrics and creativity help him command s
N. Talekt - The Night
(Produced by N. Talekt) 3) (Produced by N. Talekt) 4) (f/ Stephanie) 5) 6) (Produced by N. Talekt) 7) (Produced by Platinum Tracks Productions) 8) The Come Up & Come Down (Interlude) 9) Day From Hell Pt 1 (Produced by N. Talekt) 10) (f/ Rob Steel) 11) 12) (Produced by N. Talekt) 13) The Pay Phone (Interlude) 14) Day From Hell Pt 2 (Produced by N. Talekt) 15) 16) Cherish Every Moment 17) Who Dat? 18)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not too many live performances yet, but give it some time, I'll be there ... catch me down in Williamsburg & Richmond doin my thing!
Your musical influences
People say I got a lil' of everything in me. Most popular reaction is Common, but I've heard Quan (Nas's boy), Rosco P. Coldchain (??), Jadakiss, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks ... the last three are some that I like. I try not to let what I listen to influence my music, but I do listen to the aforementioned artists (except Rosco) along with Royce, Obie, styles, Swifty, Em, Proof, Game, Kanye, Mr. Millz & Mr. Writer, basically whoever I'm feelin at the time. But I'm not really a gangsta-gansta shoot 'em up rapper. I'm more of a storyteller, reality-rap, life story rapper. I rap about what I know, what I see, and what I dream, I keeps it real!
What equipment do you use?
Along with rap, I produce on the side, producing songs such as "Get Down!," "Just Like That," "Who Am I?", "I Got U," and more. I use only my computer so far, started with HipHopStarz (actually a decent program to start with) and then Acid Pro. I haven't gotten into Fruity Loops yet.
Anything else?
ESTABLISHED DONS! Workin on a some more stuff so hopefully it'll get to you soon. I've got 2 mixtapes coming out, I'm producing (song-writing and beat-making) 2 other mixtapes, and there should be one more out by mid-August. Holla!
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