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Margie (US)
Margie (US)
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Algo Mas
Hello I am Margie Its is nice to meet you all. I started singing since I was 3 years old in Colombia since my dad had a Trio struggle and did what no one else did in my country we were not allow to become musicians at all. But you know there is always a way. After many years in playing in various Latin bands in the U.S I meet a very good guitar player name Ludwin DueƱas. We started a Latin rock group called Terra Fuego This is when he introduces me to Edwin Then who is know my producer and Piano Player. One day we were at a rehearsal and he started playing Algo Mas and everyone just follow for fun you. One day he calls me and tells me he wants me to record a vocal guide for a track he was producing for someone else and that is where it all began by the time I knew it he had Algo Mas done in Bachata he call me we recorded the track and the rest is history is like after so much looking and looking he found me when is usually the other way around.
Band/artist history
My Project started in Feb 2012 when we did our first live Gig
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do. We have done about 5 Major events in New York. If you know anyone who would like us to play live just send us an email.
Your musical influences
My Dad
What equipment do you use?
Logic Pro, Mackie D8B, Motu, Protools