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Jacole Chandler
Jacole Chandler
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Jacole Chandler (born November 16, 1987), better known by his stage name J.CO is an American rapper, Song-Writer, Model, and record producer. Born and Raised in
Review from Gary Allen Jacole Chandler has a secret identity. He is also Mr. Swag and represents a new vibe of artist similar to Lil Wayne and Nelly. I hope he gets signed before there is a swagger jacking ,as he is laying it all out there with lyrical metaphors and paying dues. There comes a point or a fine line if you will, where an artist will evolve and mature past their source of inspiration, and mature to a higher level of greatness. Not wavered by the taunts or the praise from his critics. Then that magic moment forever changes an artist's life when he finally sees the fruits of his labor. Jacole will know what I am talking about soon when he lives from a suitcase bringing it to every venue with electricity, like I have. Jacole placed top runnerup in my Sonicbids competition and that's quite a feat for a hip hop artist. "Dance Slow" from Jacole's debut CD can be heard on YouTube and is a natural progression from songs like "What We Do" that has a hypnotic flow that takes you into his own head where rapping is effortless and the real deal. The CD is packed with examples of growth, as an artist, versatility, entertaining subject matter and creative concepts . He is well grounded and realizes the marketing and who you know is a big hurdle to jump as a new hip hop artist and accepts the task head on. A Jefferson, Tennessee native he now resides in California and makes his music available online. You can follow Jacole on Twitter and hear music samples on My Space. He will be featured at Tennessee Concerts and in Gary Allen's Music City Beat newsletter this month. Jacole placed top runner up in my Sonicbids competition and that's quite a feat for a hip hop artist. He is shopping for label interest and can be contacted through Kelly Green, CEO of Malus Records in Las Vegas, Nevada. Very powerful imagery in this collection that I'm sure will have a lot of Hip-Hop purists breaking for the rewind button a few times! I do feel that his growing maturation as a man and as an artist can be the sign of a rebirth within Hip-Hop! A Rebirth that shows that you can be a successful and highly respected Hip-Hop Artist by professing a love, commitment, hard work ethic and dedication to your craft and the art form. And as long as more artist take up and adapt to that mentality as their standard, then Hip-Hop will never die! Jacole's strong lyrical content is growing a huge array of followers, making him a hero on the Internet. He is a great poet and his theory on life is influencing his songs and his fans to a huge extent. This versatile young artist has the makings of being a major star with a trail of successful work and the admiration and love of hip hoppers everywhere, much like the adulation Tupac Shakur enjoyed. Record companies check Jacole Chandler out while you can afford him. Don't be like Decca Records that passed on Elvis and The Beatles. Then you spend eternity kicking yourselves in the ass! Congratulations Jacole and see you soon as King Of The Game!
Band/artist history
Started doing music young, signed to Malus Records, in 2010, released my Ep the Takeover in Aug of 2o11 and 2012 working on a new album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My last performance was at Character's in Pomona, Ca. Battle of the Warp Tour contest.
Your musical influences
Outcast, Nelly, Lil Wayne, Young Buck, Three Six Mafia.
What equipment do you use?
SSL, Neve, U87, 808
Anything else?
Follow me @jacolechandler
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