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Antonio So Dope
Antonio So Dope
62 Tracks
Destiny awaits I guess God Had it written....
I started out in 1993 in Cincinnati when I was eight. Rapping and producing song for my self and my friends. A beat machine and a Casio tape recorder from radio shack rapping in a cold basement day in and day out. I take this gift god gave me very seriously. I was the in-house producer/ artist for a Cincinnati label called beat me up records from 2003-2010. Within that span, I produced over a thousand songs (some of what you hear on the beat em presents tone and polo page). The labels 2006 independent movie fish I had a small role in and produced the movie score and soundtrack. I felt like I ran into a glass ceiling far as being creative with this label but loyalty was worth moreso I thought. Sold countless dreams and portraying an image that was sub par to who I am I started to re-evaluate. Disloyalty and hidden agendas I decided to sever ties. As of 2010, I am on my own as a free agent and these past few years I would say I grew a whole lot musically and personally. I moved to Atlanta to spread my wings professionally and personally. I see myself reaching endless proportions for the reason imp chasing my passion. Moreover, not what my passion could bring. My ultimate goal is to become a major for in the entertainment industry. I have got the work ethic, the product, the answer to the demand, and last but not least, the swag.
Band/artist history
Active 1993-present. 1993-2000 part of the group Royal Players 2000-present part of the duo Tone & Polo (whenever we get together I guess) 2003-2010 with record label beat em up records (producer/artist) 2010-present a free agent and solo artist/producer
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES!!! any chance i get i play live. and anywhere... living out my dreams is one big special moment that never ends...
Your musical influences
I have many musical influences, The Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac, a lot of old 80s-90s artist. Jay-Z on how he went from Reasonable Doubt to this mogul. T.I his drive and perseverance. Things I go through (I have been through a lot). Sound crazy but colors influence the music I make (I have not figured that one out yet).
What equipment do you use?
cincinnati (our hometown) & Atlanta (my second home, the Westside)
Anything else?
Follow me on twitter @setthetoneonem and hopefully we meet at the top! soundcloud @setthetoneonem http://www.facebook.com/tone.deezy instagram setthetoneonem
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