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Colorblind 252
Colorblind 252
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There are two members to Colorblind, Erick (E-Shyne) and Tony (Nation), both were born in New York and now live in Greenville, NC. 252 Represent, Go Pirates, EC
'Hood Love' By: Colorblind
E-Shyne, Born Erick Spalti. Residing in 252, Erick was raised in the NC area, particularly Cherry Point and HAVELOCK and hails from a Marine Corps family (Ooh-Rah) ?"I always say that if people want to hate on you for your music, it must mean your doing something right. I get a lot of people who tell me I'm white, but last i checked, music was about what you hear not what you see. There's black country singers and white rappers. Time's have change. Grow up, it's 2012. I'm doing this because it's what I love to do. I want to make sure my son can go to college, have more than I did, that's all that matters to me, my family and my fans." - E-shyne ?Nation, Born Tony Crockett, Resides in the 252 but hails from and reps Brooklyn, New York. He recently welcomed a beautiful little girl to his family and is looking forward to continuing his music career. ?"Had to take some time off the game to handle real life shit, know how that is. Now I'm back with my boy E-Shyne, and we gonna tear the game up. Boys ain't ready for it. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac is that comin out party. Me and my boy tryin to do something ain't never been done, two completely different styles of music meshing together to give listeners something new, not the same ol' lame shit"-Nation
Your musical influences
Emine, Yelawolf, Mgk, Tupac, Eric B and Rakim, Warren G just a few I love to listen too, I could honstly go forever, oh and T.I., can't forget the King.