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BiG Phillip
est. 2008 I'm Big P. A soundclick top 100 hit maker. My style is very versityle, simple, catchy and I can be tricky; verses that throw off audience.
25 songs
7.2K plays
Never Again
Way Too Late
Monotone Urban Soul vibes, somewhat Old School sounding
Guilty Conscience
Catchy Filler
Oh yeah... Ha ha. I uploaded this at a low quality on purpose..
Heart Broken, Old News feat. Jennifer Pearl
My main focus is to bring those who are continuously lost through and throughout turmoil trying to find a way closer to a cleaner way of living.. through my raps/mistakes and finding a way to still jam without having to actually live a hard life.. to call out artist how I see them and realize how stupid some shii may really sound/and how good anything can sound with the right instros... I tend to take my listeners into a more visual vibing aspect of raps filled with storylines, correct sentences play in alphabetical order at times, alphabet word play, word choice word play, using words for subliminals and punchlines...sometimes my mucisc is about what I didn't say. .. commotion. #NoFear
Band/artist history
My main focus has been ghostwriting/collaborating for all genres of independent artist to get their name in the music industry since est. 99'-02. I started off as a writer. I freestyle by the name of capone (still to this day) and write as "the_god_father".. Both unspoken and undiscovered as a true alias they say. I spend most of my talent in mail/email/cypher battle writing submissions. It took a long while until the age of 15 till I found someone to independently record without of my hometown. This gave entry to my long awaited stage of an underground artist self entitlement of " Big P. " (P. Is an acronym used in short for 'personification' an unspoken description to say the least to hence difficulty in bringing me up into context.) I started throwing timeless music knowledge of Southside feels into the mix of a mid-west vibes on Eastside instrumentals during Tupac & Biggie Smalls Beef and remixing lyrics of songs I felt subjection to played over the radio when I began writing as a child.. To do it big in anticipation for a discovery as "Persona" from the Southside of the music industry as an engineering producer/writer. It's been a journey of being doubted. Est. 2008 Est. 2009 persona.com was released - 2019. (currently under management issues, supposable escrow.com litigation upon sponsorship promotion partnership with other enterprise endeavors) ... I'm not just a rap artist but a ghostwriter an enterprise digital creator of all forms of digital art. I never stopped from being a full blow prospector for talent and creating new talent as a writer for others/myself until 2016 Etc. and achieving my first personal Gold award certification for digital hits and to date 30+ Grammy Awards and nominations for ghostwriting for all genres of music since the age of 10. Currently, my is status back from hiatus Founder / CEO Dynamic Records - @DynamicProfiling promotions etc. etc.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
A couple concerts, ...just a couple... I'll never back down if anyone ask me to freestyle
Your musical influences
Idealy I bring an influence of God/Christianity into my writes some how..but it doesn't always come out without explixits...sometimes my writes without cussing come out more explicit than the ones with... understanding I'm not perfect and I too go through trials and errors.
What equipment do you use?
I can make anything sound good.
Anything else?
Support the people YOU bump; the ones that no one has in their tape deck. RIDE SLOW AN PUT EM ON LIKE A WILD FIRE.
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