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New trapsoul type beat , inspired by music from Tone Stith and Eric Bellinger. Follow @Mr_Magnyphacent on everything and Ill follow back. Let's link up and work.
New heat from Mr. Magnyphacent of AddictiveSoundzDigital.com. Buy 1 Beat Get 2 Free! Follow @addictive_soundz_digital on IG and @Mr_Magnyphacent on Twitter
Tagged version is free for download.
Go hard or go home. This music was inspired by the new Netflix original series Luke Cage. Who can make a hit to get a placement on the next season. #FreeBeats at addictivesoundzdigital.com Buy 1 Get 2 Free
New heat added to the catalog. Who can make a Hit to this one #IneedBeats #BeatsOnDeck #FreeBeats @ addictivesoundzdigital.com
Your Purchased Beat Will Be Sent Via Email (24-48hrs) After Purchase. For Pricing.
Anything else?
LEASING TERMS/CONDITIONS, POLICIES AND GENERAL INFORMATION LEASING RIGHTS: Leasing rights grant you permission to use the instrumental MP3 (or WAV by request) version of the track for limited purposes. Leases are the perfect option if you are planning to use the track for a few of the following uses: mixtapes, demos, local radio play, performances, and promotion. You are limited to only 2,000 (TWO THOUSAND) unit sales with my leases. If you should happen to predict a higher volume of sales, it is suggested that you purchase the exclusive rights. PURCHASING OPTIONS AND DELIVERY: Leases are a one time flat fee. Tracks containing hooks are marked as such, and are usually those with myself or my hook artists singing/rapping. These are NOT tracks with sampled hook vocals. Please be sure that the track information states whether or not it is considered a hook track. There are many leasing packages for multiple tracks. Please review the page for the current prices and quantities. Leases are delivered manually via email within 24 HOURS of purchase. Certain factors may delay your delivery such as: If your primary email address and your PayPal email address are different, you must include in your order information which email to send your tracks to. Tracks are ALWAYS emailed to the address provided. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I do NOT offer premium leasing of any kind. I do NOT provide the tracked out files for my leases. ALL leases come with ONE standard signature tag at the beginning of the track which does not repeat. This is not removed. It is different from the tag on my page; it is lower at a lower volume and will not affect your vocals. I do not provide leasing agreements as my terms are lenient and may be viewed at any time on my page so not to leave confusion. But, if you or your management/investors require a leasing agreement, I can provide one at your request. EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TERMS/CONDITIONS, POLICIES AND GENERAL INFORMATION EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Exclusive rights grant you the exclusive ownership of the rights to a track. You are given the right to unlimited recordings, sales and broadcasts for the song you create with the track. The exclusive rights option is the one you will want to go with if you plan on releasing a mixtape/album or single for more major distribution. You are permitted everything included in leases, but on an unlimited scale. PURCHASING OPTIONS AND DELIVERY: Exclusive rights pricing varies from track to track, it is not one flat fee. For exclusive rights pricing, you must inquire further by emailing me about the track(s) you are interested in. Once the price has been agreed upon for the track(s) of interest, payment is required IN FULL. Payment is acceptable using the following methods: Western Union Money Transfers, Moneygram Transfers, US Postal Money Orders, and under certain circumstances, bank wire transfers. Western Union/Moneygram issued money orders will be acceptable starting in 2012. Once payment is received in full, I will then deliver the tracked out wav file sessions, master track, and contract VIA EMAIL (and/or physical mail by request) within 48 HOURS. After payment and delivery, I will then mark the track(s) as sold on my page, move them to the bottom of my catalog with the other sold tracks, and will not distribute the track further in any way (with downloads or leases). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Production credit must be given to Queres “Mr. Magnyphacent” Walker. Once you are given the tracked out files, the signature tag is no longer required to be included in the song. I do not require points unless you are set for release with a major record label. I do not do points only deals, points may be required in ADDITION to upfront payment. Exclusive rights tracks are intended for ARTISTS only not producers. You are not permitted to purchase the exclusive rights to my tracks for the intention of reselling the track or the rights. This is strictly prohibited. Artists are ALSO prohibited from reselling the rights or the track itself outside of SONG sales. There is a specific claus already included in my contract stating that if the rights or track are resold, the rights are AUTOMATICALLY revoked and returned to me and the contract is null and void.
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