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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co
43 Tracks
One man band old and ugly
One man band, old and ugly. Clinging to the myth that artists should be sincere in their art and noble in their motivation, The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co was born out of a sense of indignation at music industry guru's and gatekeepers who judged, critised and generally patronised music loving people who spent their hard earned money making them rich, under the guise of supporting the artist. It often seemed to me that the more innovative and original artists were by-passed for the safer options of selling pretty people as stars to a public that wanted pretty people as stars. Not much has changed but this facade is crumbling, and people are not as willing to be fed 'sweet sugery sex appeal' or 'faked rebellions' as they used to be. Maybe this is economic, maybe political, maybe it is just a hunger for something tastier
Band/artist history
I began in my teens playing acoustic guitar with the intention of writing my own songs which I did almost as soon as I could play 3 chords. I continued to write songs and play guitar into my early 40's when I got a computer and began to arrange and produce all those songs I had written on guitar using various software. I went to Bradford College and took a Nat Diploma in Music Technology, after that I went to the University of Huddersfield and took a degree, which I passed last year. I connected to the internet in 2009 and began to upload my songs onto any website that I could find.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done live gigs using backing tapes but I didn't actually enjoy doing them so I stopped, I am always looking for local singers who would be willing to perform my songs live ... so if you live locally in West Yorkshire, UK and you like what you hear please feel free to contact me.
Your musical influences
Classical and reggae feature heavily in my influences as does rock, folk, musicals and electronic music. The bands that influenced me most were Cockney Rebel, Tangerine Dream, OMD, Dr Hook and the Medicine Show, The KInks, Simon and Garfunkel, Buddy Holly, John Cooper Clark, The Doors, Patti Smith Group, Kraftwerk and Caravan.
What equipment do you use?
I use Fruityloops, Sibelius, Magix Audio Studio and whole host of freeware and VSTi's. I play guitar and bass and occasionally keyboards and percussion.
Anything else?
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