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Sean Prodigy (VA)
Sean Prodigy (VA)
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Originally from Jamaica, New York but now lives in Poughkeepsie. Rapper/singer/songwriter. 21-years-old. #OnTheRise
Sean "Prodigy" Spivey was born and raised in Jamaica, New York. He is a rapper, songwriter, and singer. He originally gained interest in music in the 8th grade when he seen one of his peers rapping. He wrote poetry since the 6th grade and turned his talent for writing into song making. Sean started to write songs for local singers and started to gain recognition. It wasn't until he moved to Alexandria, Virginia in the 9th grade where he gained a true interest in recording his own music.
Band/artist history
Sean Prodigy released an unofficial project entitled "The Come-Up- EP" on 2/12/2011. Not happy with the quality and other things he took the project down and started a whole new project. He began to work on an official mixtape entitled "Dream or Reality". The project was released on 2/20/2012. Recently, Sean has released two EPs. They both dropped on 4/3/2012. "My Light-EP" featured all remixes to songs such as: Moment 4 Life, God in Me, and Rack City. "Loving Life, Living Life- EP" featured seven original songs. He is planning on releasing a new mixtape on 5/15/2012 entitled "Dream or Reality II" and it will be hosted by hip-hop artist TreyAli. On 8/10/2012 he released a mixtape with his short lived group with classmates called F.I.S.H. Gang. The mixtape was entitled "Coming Soon". Sean met fellow rapper Zero during the summer of 2012 and together they released an EP called "Heart on My Sleeve" on 11/21/2012 but not before he released his third solo EP "Self Improvement" on 11/13/2012. It was then Sean joined Zero and his group ZGP (Zero Gravity Productions). In anticipation for his upcoming third mixtape, he released his fourth EP "Rising Above" on 2/28/2013. He second remix EP, and fifth overall, "My Light 2" on 4/15/2013. On his birthday, 6/4/2013, he released his third mixtape "Moving Up". Falling in love with a certain beat, he decided to change his approach for his fourth mixtape. Entitled "Something Different", it was released 10/10/2013. On 7/5/2014 he released his sixth EP "Mercury". "Old Story, New Chapter", his fifth mixtape, was released on 8/8/2014. His first remix mixtape, "My Light 3: The Final Chapter" and sixth overall was released on 9/16/2014. He and fellow ZGP member K.H.D. released a joint mixtape entitled "Bright As Can Be" on 12/4/2014. He decided to take a year off to gain experiences from the world. On 11/19/2015 he announced his upcoming seventh solo mixtape would be entitled "VIV.ID.DREAM.ING" and would be released on 3/4/2016.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do perform live. I don't sing live though because I am not very comfortable with my singing as of yet. I enjoy performing very much because it gives me a chance to connect with my fans and the crowd. A special moment was when a girl gave me a t-shirt that said "I Love Sean Prodigy" on it. It made me very happy to know that I have fans that enjoy me and my music.
Your musical influences
Drake is a major influence on me. Only because he is relatable and I can say that I'm like him. I'm not afraid to take chances with my music. The most important thing to me is making music that I would enjoy myself but also make it relatable to my fans. A lot of me goes into my music. Another influence of mine is Eminem. Eminem makes music that he wants to make. He doesn't care about having radio hits or anything. He speaks his mind no matter what and I do the same.