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ShattaJaw Gabba Squad
ShattaJaw Gabba Squad
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The ( ShattaJaw Gabba Squad ) is made up of mainly five members all working from out of DangerHill Recordz (TM). We boast four producers in Global Tez, Jay Dubbz, Edy C and Skullcrack plus Tom McMillan our manager and promoter all coming together to create a new wave of exciting hard dance in 2012 and beyond.
Band/artist history
The squadron was first founded in 2005 by Terry Cobb ( Global Tez ) James Lawton ( Jay Dubbz ) and Daniel Clarke ( Dan Van Dan ) the original ( Skullcrack ) but was put on hold and eventcully forgot about untill the passing of one of our main producers the original ( SkullCrack ). Since then the late Daniel Clarke brothers Edy Clarke ( Edy C ) and Nigel have joined two of the original ShattaJaw producers to come together and reopen ShattaJaws curtins unleashing a new form of Hard dance with Nigel taking on Daniels alias ( SkullCrack ) as all of us take his spirit with us on the journy about to unfold. All of the squadron have expirience in mixing and some of us even handle a mic Back in the year 2000 the producers plus a few created an underground dance event called ( Project Energy ) always at an undisclosed location usually in Manchester, Oldham The events fetured sets of Hardtrance, Hardstyle, Hardcore and Gabba.
Your musical influences
We take inspiration from the likes of Angerfist, Hellfish, Loftgroover, Mark Eg, Neophyte, Bass D and King Matthew, Scorpio and Producer, Vortex, Dj Paulo plus many many more.
What equipment do you use?
Mainly Computer SoftWare.
Anything else?
Hit us up at our brand new website ( shattajawgabbasquad.weebly.com ) for news on our up and coming first album as a team ( End Of Days ) plus links to loads of free music downloads to terrorise the ear till the album drops next month, see you all soon and thanks for taking the time to listen to our translation through music. Thanks again, peace out.
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Pathfinder (DJ Mustard x Spanish Guitar Type Beat)
*NEW* Danny Phantom *NEW*
3 glocks
Lofi Bassy (Instrumental) Hip Hop Beat