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Hugh Morrison
Hugh Morrison
Katy, TX  USA
January 10, 2004
29,896 plays
"Robert Burns Rocks" - Hugh Morrison - review by Wildy's World. Murder The Stout front man steps out on his own with the help of many friends on Robert Burns Rocks, a collection of vibrant rockers based on the work of Robert Burns. Enlisting the help of Johnny Rioux and Marcus Hollar from Bostons Street Dogs; Judi Nicolson (Banchorys Scottish Golden Fiddle champion); Kendall Rogers; Murder The Stouts Jay Brooks and Andy Salmon; Cory Kaiser and Aoife Ni Ghloinn, Hugh Morrison finds the swarthy adolescent glee that runs through Burns best works and brings it out as only a Celtic-punk front man can. Robert Burns Rocks opens with Leezy Lindsay, a courtship song from the perspective of a Scottish Lord thats effervescent and bright. Its a great opener that will make you want to dance around and perhaps exchange a cloved orange or two. Rantin Rovin Robin keeps the same buoyant sensibility before Morrison moves into the musically darker territory on Ye Jacobites By Name without losing an ounce of catchiness. Morrison is a dynamic and rough shod vocalist, sharing some vocal lineage with Shane MacGowan. By contrast, vocalist Aoife Ni Ghloinn, who takes the lead on Ye Banks And Braes offers an air of beauty to the album with a voice as smooth as cream and as stark as a red rose against the morning green. Red Red Rose is a major change of pace, a quiet and reverent instrumental consisting of piano, violin and squeezebox thats quite lovely in its own right. Morrison gets ultra-patriotic with Scots Wha Hae, a theme of the Scottish National Party and the long-time de facto national anthem of Scotland. The Burns poem is an interpretation of the speech given by Robert Bruce before the Battle of Bannockburn. It is a stirring moment that Morrison delivers with passion and soul. Awa Whigs Awa digs into the eternal political conflict in Scotland between The Stuarts and those with Fealty to the British Crown, delivered with a distinctly traditionalist slant. Aoife Ni Ghloinn returns with Morrison on Ae Fond Kiss, a sweet love song full of memory. Youll be kicking up your heels to Burns Reels, and reminiscing with Morrison on Rigs O Barely. Farewell To The Highlands is an ode to the Old Sod, full of love and reverence. Morrison closes a great punk/folk rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Hugh Morrison rocks Robert Burns, or perhaps its the other way around, on Robert Burns Rocks. Scotland often gets the shaft in the world of Celtic music, but Hugh Morrison gives a world-class reminder that Scotlands rich heritage is as dynamic and intriguing. Granted, Burns poetry provides the heart, but Morrison brings life and soul to Burns lyrics with the irreverent air of rock n roll never far away. Dont be surprised if you find yourself seeking out Murder The Stout to see what else Morrison has done, and pining for more material from the gloriously voiced Aoife Ni Ghloinn. Source - "Under A Texas Skye" by Hugh Morrison by Catherine L. Tully Fun and more fun! Hugh Morrison and his three-row button accordion are back for more good times and this happy CD is sure to please fans of accordion music everywhere. Hugh began playing at a very young age and it shows in his smooth ability and mastery of this instrument. Sometimes the accordion is the full focus of the song, while other times there are vocals and the music provides texture and background. Basically, there is not a chance that you could listen to this CD and walk away doing anything other than smiling ear to ear. You'll find an Irish waltz, reels and even the familiar favorite, "Red River Valley" on this album. An unexpectedly delightful performance is presented on "Come To The Hills" - my favorite track of all. Morrison likes to feature other artists in his work, which makes for a full plate of music and keeps things from getting too heavy-handed with the accordion sound. I have to say, I enjoyed Morrison's last album, but this one really shows that he is continuing to evolve and develop into a more interesting artist, adding dimensions to his songs and sounds. Sometimes peppy, sometimes wistful and soothing, the accordion is used to its full range here and the feeling of Texas is communicated well too. Great spirit and sound make this happy album sing. Source - (search CDBABY'S $5.00 Special Sale) FEE
Band/artist history
formed at the end of 2004. Since then we have been kept busy at Pubs, Clubs & Festivals all across the United States. We are.... Gerard Bride (Ireland) ? Vocals/Whistles/Bodhran Hugh Morrison (Scotland)? Accordions/Vocals Neil DuFour (Texas) ? Acoustic Guitar/Vocals Jay Brooks (Texas) ? Bass Jonathan Chamrad(Texas) ? Drums
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All over North America, also in Scotland when I make my yearly pilgrimage back home!
Your musical influences
The Pogues Flogging Molly Jimmy Shand The Waterboys
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