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DJ SynDrum
DJ SynDrum
18 Tracks
Trance,Dance,Electronica,Parties,Mp3's, Cubase, Roland, Josh Syndrum
Josh Rodriguez -DJ -Electonic Music Composition -Live P.A. -Turntabalist -Guitarist
Band/artist history
Born May 2nd, 1981 at 3:03 am Josh grew up in Essex county New Jersey. Comming from a family of singers and musicians who played for perfomance and fun, Josh shared an extreme love for music. By age 14 he had begun playing guitar, drums, and was an active participant in Montclairs Glenfield middle School "DJ Club". There he learned the basics of equipment set up, break down, mixing, and performing in a party atmosphere. Focusing more on playing music in his adolesence, he puchased his first synthisizer, the MC- 303. After producing several unreleased songs, he began to develope his own style of Trance. After a guest appearance at "The Asylum, Massachusets in 2002, he began collecting records, purchased his first set of turntables, and began mixing them with his synthisizers. In 2003 Josh began playing out weekly at McGurks Underground were he was the house DJ for a year and a half. He also played events including "Exclusive" 2005, "Ressurection" 2003, and at other lounges and private parties in the NJ/NYC area. In 2005. His mix's are both unique and technical. Blending an aray of Hard Trance, Euro Trance, Acid Trance, and Hardstyle. His mixes are as energetic as the crowds he plays for. Striving to network with his local Electronic Dance Music community, Josh began his own production project, BLITZ. After 3 successful "BLITZ" events he booked such nationally and internationally known artists including DJ Delirium, DJ Sykopath, And DJ Joey Flowz, allowing him to network with many reputable promoters and other important figures in the NYC Electronic Dance Music community including DJ Dali of Groove Therapy. Currently represented by Simply Productions and Infektious Vibez, Josh is finishing work on his long awaited album " Project 303" due out spring of 2008. He is devoted to his music and his genres local and national success, and beyond.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live.Its a great way to express myself, and the fun is that it doesnt have to sound the same twice.I've played at The Rodeo Lounge in Hoboken, NJ a few times.And once at a club in Mass called The Asylum.I have also played at Club Downtime, NYC.And a few other recent events including the Blitz Series, and Exclusive were I opened for such acts as DJ Delirium, Luna-C, DJ Dali, and DJ Sykopath.Each opportunity was a blast.I'm currently producing a new album. I hope to have it completed by the end of 2008.
Your musical influences
Pink Flyd,The Almand Bros,Dave Mathews,The Dead,Bob Dylan,Pantera,Trent Reznor,NIN,Prodigy,DJ Delirium,Space Girl,DJ Pleasurehead,DJ Tiesto,Maurro Picotto, Life In General!
What equipment do you use?
One Roland MC303,one Roland MC307,One ,One Bereinger Pro Mixer,a 862 meg P3 PC w/ Roland SI 24 R Bus ,1 Gemini PT2400,1 Tech 1200,And a Casio MIDI Keyboard. Nugens!
Anything else?
Special Thanks to Dave Moore for all of his support. And to my mother for understanding my desire to create music.T hanks to Colin Gambsby for giving me the drive to continue and the knowledge to get started. Thanx to digital Entrapment for the gig. Boby at Cafe Sounds,and anyone else that I haven't mentioned. You know I love you. Also I would like to thank all of my friends for helping to inspire me. None of my accomplishments would have been possible without all ouf you. Thank's to all of you for your patience and thank god for just about everything. Peace!
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