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Pink Hill, NC  USA
March 01, 2012
So far I am a Solo Prooducer (who happens to be in a couple of garage bands) I am a guitarist Drummer and a Keyboard...er. I play Every basic instrument in a rock band and I am a Vocalist (Though I have bad Stage fright). I am looking into finding some Volenteer Vocalists to Add some personality to my music. And I am looking for someone who knows their way around FL studio to team up with me to become a Famous Music production Group!
Band/artist history
Not much history here. I Got bored one day. Heard of FL Studio from a friend Found a couple Totorials on YouTube And went to town on that shit. Got hooked almost instantly!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I live in the Ghettoist Cesspool Known to mankind.... Duplin County, NC, USA. I dont really like it here The only upside is there is a Whole S*it load of High School Rappers! I Can't Wait to get outta here so I can move back to New York!
Your musical influences
Dubsteps... Any of them. Every once in awhile I will here something interesting on a rock station that I will want to try though.
What equipment do you use?
Key Board and a Mouse, And the occasional Guitar plugged in to my computer.
Anything else?
The Friend from school Who introduced me to FLStudio is Brent Fountain, Now known as Paradigm! He now does gigs half way across the country.