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I am a rapper and music producer originally from Norfolk, VA, that does alot of hip hop and produces various types of genres. I started producing in 2007, when
Quantrell Howard better known as "Qlown", is the founder of not only Qlown Records, but its video production counterpart "Qlown Productions". Quantrell used to draw alot of comic books when he was in middle school. He put most of his work in 2005, under the name of Qlown Productions. When he met his friend Johnny Alves (J.A. stylez), him and his fellow friends Andrew and David Westphal would start doing a show called "Qlown's Stupid Show". They did lots of random humor and stunts that would bring them into the amateur video world. Soon after, Qlown Productions launched five webshows within the year of 2008 till now. They have done four films and are now going into the professional route of video production. They soon have picked up on their music since 2007 and have now started an independent record label, Qlown Records. With six artists including the Qlown himself, J.A stylez, Moto-Moto, Jesus Aviles , French Fried Fred and their newest recruit Kenzy. The future is looking up for the group and they'll will be plenty more to come. Check out their website at qlownproductions.webs.com.
Band/artist history
I started making music since my sophomore year of high school, when my friend gave me a program called "FL Studios 7". Since then, I been making music with over 300 tracks made so far to date.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have never played live before, however I have done stand-up comedy at a local bar place, I didn't do so well my first time. I hope to go back there soon and try again.
Your musical influences
I'm influenced by regular hip-hop, but I'm more in tuned with the old school stuff, like Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-ONE,Notorious B.I.G and some old Eminem classics. I'm trying to bring that flavor back, but some how mix with the current hip hop we have today.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studios 9 (hopefully 10)
Anything else?
I'm also the head of my own video production group called "Qlown Productions", we will be returning on youtube pretty soon. Check out our website and all the other links I posted: Qlown Productions: Official Website- Facebook- YouTube- Qlown Records: ReverbNation- Facebook- YouTube- -Artists Qlown and stylez Facebook- Kenzy-http://www.facebook.com/kenz23 French Fried Fred-http://www.facebook.com/pages/French-Fried-Fred/111312882318486