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Christine Silvera
Christine Silvera
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Solo Artist female vocalist song writer/lyrist/Christian, Gospel, Pop, Folk, country and more!!!
Breathe of Heaven
Peak in sub-genre #22
My Baby
Peak position #15
Blue Skies-live w/SCC jazz band
Peak in sub-genre #13
God Bless The Child-live w/SCC Jazz Band
Peak in sub-genre #13
He Gave Me Wings to Fly
Peak position #2
Thanks for coming to Christy's site. She'll be glad to know that she is being heard by all of you gifted and talented people on sound click. Her music inspiration is both drawn by her husband, family and friends. Everyday they inspire her to continue her music teachings and singing. She has been heard by many people through out the California area and is still continuing her music by sharing it in church, local events like the fair grounds, singing for MADD aka: Mothers against Drunk Driving. And the Every fifteen minute Program. These are just a few to name off. But her desire is to reach people across the united states and to touch the hearts of many. So, thank you for taking the time to listen to her site.
Band/artist history
I started to sing because it helped me learn everything but it also help me find the gift that God had given me to touch other lives. So I've have sang for many places. Starting in churches, then dozen and dozen of community events. I have sang for the CHP, MADD, YMCA, NAMI, California State Fair, at the State Capital inside and outside events. I have done theater groups, productions, choir, worship teams both adult and youth. I've sang for the Sacramento Kings and Monarchs. I've sang for many other sporting events. I have sang for weddings and memorial services. I have sang for fund raisers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I sing live when ever God opens doors for me to go and share my gift. I try to use it where ever. Whether it for a small group or a big arena. I have quite a few memorable event that I sang at but a couple in particular. When I sang at Arco Arena the first time. I had told my mom when I was 10 years old that someday I was going to sing there. I walked out to a very large crowd of teenagers and meant them with yelling, hoots, holling, whistles, and etc. It was so amazing. But then I remember the faces of those that I sang for who were hurting from the lose of a love one by a drunk driver when I sang for MADD! There tear stained faces! WOW!! What a honor to be able to sing and minister to their hearts. My prayer is to be able to sing in church again. I haven't had an opportunity for quite sometime. We are praying for a new home church where I can minister in song and use my gifts!!!
Your musical influences
Mahajah Jackson sang from her heart and that' what I try to do. I like the music of Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Faith Hill, Crystal Lewis, Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church, and others. But I love to sing my songs. The song that have come from my heart. It also fun to sing new songs that others have written. Some of the new songs don't have a big spiritual meaning they are more fun songs. My favorite song is Amazing Grace.
What equipment do you use?
We use a shure recording mic, a tascom 4 track, with compression unit, a effects unit and some other stuff my dad hooks up. Then we burn it to a Cd and download it to the computer and convert it to a MP3, wave, or what ever else. It comes out pretty good for home recording.
Anything else?
I have dreamed of using the gift that God has given me and hope to touch as many lives as possible starting here and as many other places I can go!
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