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Mad Doctor
Mad Doctor
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Musician 1st.Everything else 2nd.I'm trying to create my own sub-genre of music.I call it gangsta-blues.Why not?I do rap and blues anyway.
I am not a band,although I have played with many bands.I'm a musician and a record producer,who may occasionally be an artist.I haven't been on any track,lyrically,since I was 17 or 18 years old but,I wouldn't mind trying it again.
Band/artist history
Blues Boy Willie,Blue Sativa,Sativa(because someone stole our name,Blue Sativa,and had it copywritten),and I have sat in with more bands than I would care to remember.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I was 20 years old the first time I played live.I was just out of the navy and wasn't doing sh.t when one day my godfather came by and asked me if I still played piano.His name is Blues Boy Willie.He's famous on the chittlin' circuit so,I was like hell yeah,man!!At that time he was into his 3rd or 4th album and blowing up pretty good.I toured with him for almost 8 years.In that time,we criss-crossed the country a few times and I realized dreams I've had since I was a kid.I've played on shows with Johnny Taylor,Denise LaSalle,Millie Jackson,Tyrone Davis,I think.You name it.Clarence Carter offered me a job with his band when he heard us play at a blues festival in Biloxi,Ms,at a colosseum on the beach.I hung out with his keyboard player that day looking at paintings by black artists and we gave a few television interviews.He and some of his band watched our show,we watched theirs and later on that night I met Mr.Carter in his hotel room.I'll never forget it.He asked me how old I was.I said 23.He said,"boy,you play like you got the devil in you."...lol.I also played in a band from Amarillo,Texas called Blue Sativa.I did that on and off for 20 years.We handled classic rock,blues and r&b,rap and funk.They still play today and I sat in with them from time to time.
Your musical influences
Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix are my hugest influences.Ray Charles because he's one of very few pianists who intimidates me with his complex simplicity.I can play almost anything I hear.But,for the life of me,his style continues to evade my understanding,because he almost plays backwards and it's sounds so simple when your just listening to him play but,when you try to play his music yourself,your left wondering,what the hell was that?!!Jimi Hendrix because I really wanted to be a guitarist but it looked too complicated so,I kind of play piano like a guitarist plays a guitar.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha YPG-525 portable grand midi'd up to windows xp home edition dual-core processor and 4Gigs of ram.Magix Music Maker 15 Premium and Propellerhead Reason 5.0.Waves Complete 8.I moved up from 7 a few months ago.T-Racks 3,Arturia V2 collection,Izotope Ozone 5 and pretty much everything by Izotope.I use BBE Sound D82 sonic maximizer from time to time.Every once in a while I'll mix and match DAW's,depending on my needs.Like,Presonus 2,Fl Studio 10 Producer Edition,Adobe Audition 3,Nuendo 4.3,Celemony Melodyne Studio Bundle if I need to work with vocals.I use just about everything by Native Instruments on various occasions.Kontakt 5,Guitar Rig 4,Massive,Traktor Pro 1.2 for turntable work,I use Nexus 2.2 on a lot of work.I have quite a few of Antares products I rarely use anymore because autotune is indeed dead.I also have a lot of little things I work in and out of a mix.Do not sleep on Magix Music Maker 15 Premium!!!!
Anything else?
All of my setups have been simple.I just midi up my keyboard to my pc and open my DAW and go to work.It's no harder than that.I see people make this thing so complicated.They'll route their instrument or vocal tracks 50 different directions through 50 different ins and outs and it sounds little better than it did before processing.I have a lot of software but,I use it all very sparingly.Most of it I haven't used at all.I just keep the track clean,keep my levels in check so they never peak out and I use very little eq and compression.Very little!People always say,"I use industry level compression."I have never understood that.I don't even know what that means.Why would you squeeze the life out of your sound?Don't let the industry decide for you how to produce a record.There are certain standards that do need to be applied but mostly at a basic level.There was a time(the 50's and 60's)when the kids who listened to the music drove the market.They decided what was good or bad music and authentic or fake.Now,it's the industry that decides these things and drives the market.That's the reason we have accepted mediocre artists and have elevated them to superstar status after only one record when it used to take 20 years for an artist to earn that same status.You had to consistantly prove and improve yourself and your music.When we get back to that,you'll start seeing revolution.