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Jaiyo Tha Crooked
Jaiyo Tha Crooked
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I listen to alot so I'm very diverse. I can go from straight ill hip-hop to hardcore punchline/metaphor to rap, to a mix of both. With a slick flow and delivery
Yo! This is Jaiyo (Da Crooked, Prince, whatever-you-call-me). I'm comin' out hard and reppin' the mid-west. From Chicago to the Burbs, the Village stand up!!! and I rep for them Bad Image Boys! I was offered a contract by a indie label from Chicago, but because of minor disputes, we ended up parting ways. I'm bout to release a mixtape wit Ciryl Da Great entitled; Bad Image: This Is The Miltia with some straight bangers from us 2 and featuring others. Make sure to cop that in the spring!! Afterwards I'ma be workin' on a solo mixtape and other projects. Till then I'm jus grindin', tryna get my name known. Hit that play button and check it out!! Any rappers/producers interested in working, get at me! If you like the music, let me know!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah!! I rock the stage the hardest everytime!!!
Your musical influences
I like a lil of everything. In no order; 2pac, Redman, Nas, Em, Big L, BIG, Jadakiss, Andre 3K, Wu Tang, Kool G, J Cole, Twista, Do or Die, Common, Jay Z, Lupe, house music, R&B, Rock, anyone that did it before me and paved the way. I listen to wayy to much.
Anything else?
Jus give me a chance, I gurantee you won't regret it.