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Reverend Bill and Friends
Lexington, KY  USA
January 14, 2004
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There is no fixed "band". The chief songwriter, vocalist, guitar player, bass player and keyboard player is the Rev. Bill Daviet. Backing vocals on many tracks by his lovely wife, Lynne Daviet. Drums for most songs were provided by Jesus LeBron (Delaware Twp, PA - check him out at: or at his homepage - ), and guitar fills/solos on most songs by Jeff Gaynor of Franklin, NJ.
Band/artist history
Rev. Bill first picked up a musical instrument (an acoustic guitar) in the 1990's, progressing to bass, keyboards, songwriting and vocals. Rev. Bill began writing songs upon the death of his father when he wrote "Daddy's Blues". Although not strictly a "Christian" song, it embodies many scriptural references and was written as a eulogy to a strong Christian man's life and legacy. Subsequent to Daddy's Blues, Rev. Bill began to write contemporary Praise & Worship songs for congregational use at Christian Faith Fellowship Church in NJ. It was in this setting that songs such as Light A Fire in My Heart, Jesus Christ Will Reign Forever, Lamb of Salvation, We Worship You Lord, and I Live To Worship You Forevermore were first used as the basis for congregational worship. Later, these songs became the basis for the original CD "The Stone's Been Rolled Away", and allowed Rev. Bill access to other local musicians and ministries. Bill subsequently played bass with "Teddy Chadwick and the Rising", served as interime worship leader with Lynne at Lake Community Church in NJ, pastored Living Word Family Church in Sussex County, played bass with "8 Days of Blues" and founded "A Band of Christians" in Northern NJ in 2005 prior to moving to Kentucky. In KY Rev.Bill re launched "A Band of Christians" briefly then joined "Jagged Cross" in November 2010 on bass guitar. Check out "Jagged Cross" on iTunes. Through personal experience, observation, and through ministry, Rev. Bill came to realize that many people are silently struggling in personal relationships, having difficulty resolving painful conflicts related to family, friends, or even romance. Jesus was a man who was much more concerned with 1:1 personal relationships than with religious activities. Rev. Bill hopes that some of his "secular" songs such as Daddy Dont You Love Me and When We Were Friends will help others grow in their appreciation and understanding for one another. May these songs provide encouragement and blessing to you, wherever you find yourself in life. Credits: This CD could not have been possible without the strong contributions from Jesus Le Bron and Jeff Gaynor. A brief word about each: Jesus has been playing the drums for almost 40 years. Jesus has diverse influences and plays every style of music from latin to metal. Jesus also does session work and can provide remote tracks through the internet. Check out some of his drumming at Jeff is a former studio musician who plays out numerous times each week, both solo and as a member of various local bands. He is well versed in all styles of music and he is highly respected within the local music community. He also provides instruction on guitar, bass, and vocals. Truly an extraordinary and talented musician! Lynne has sang in churches for years, as a member of the choir at Christian Faith Fellowship Church. Also as co-worship leader at Lake Community Church and Living Word Family Church. She was also lead singer for A Band of Christians though many of the songs we recorded with "A Band of ..." were cover songs which cannot be posted on this site.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, but rarely as a full "band". Typically at ministry events or in a coffeehouse setting. I also play in a KY based Christian Band named Jagged Cross, you can visit us at ,
Your musical influences
Well I grew up on 60's/70's type bands including Beatles, Zappa, The Good Rats, Eagles, Cars, etc. Blues (BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, etc). Christian bands which include Big Tent Revival, Hillsongs, Baloche, etc. But I didn't begin playing an instrument until I was in my mid 30's so not sure where my main influences derive from. I think I lean towards simple melodies and 'story' songs that have a message.
What equipment do you use?
Ludwig drums, Washburn Bass, Roland Keys, Taylor Acoustics, Fender Telecaster/Carvin electrics, Roland VS2480 recorder, Fender & PV amps.
Anything else?
All songs were recorded and mixed using a Roland VS2480 DAW. Revisions: Most songs were multi tracked but 3-4 songs were re-recorded "live" in 2005 with "A Band of Christians" so they are a bit rough around the edges, I had intended to revisit the vocals and the mastering but have not had time lately. (Light A Fire in My Heart, How Awesome is Your Name, The Stones Been Rolled Away). Employment/Residence Bill has over 20 years in the medical imaging industry. He has also been a small business owner (Alpha Leadership (Management Consulting/Executive Coach) and On Time Cleaning (Low Moisture Carpet/Upholstery Care). At the present time he is working full time in the high tech medical diagnostic imaging industry. Bill relocated to Lexington, KY in late 2006.
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