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I am 18 years old and I make music using Imagine-Line's FL Studio 10 and Lots of VST's such as NI Massive, V-Station and Nexus (to name a few.) I am always maki
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It all started back in late 2009. I wanted to make my own music. At the time I was studying guitar (I still am, but not as much.) I found out about FL Studio and gave it a try (I started with version 9.) I soon realized how hard it was to make something original! I stuck to the riff machine to make my melodies for me as I focused on how to use the program and what I could do with it. My early tracks didn't have any bass lines to them, any decent drum patters (just the same one over and over again), and I had no idea what mastering was! All in all, my early tracks were garbage. As I started to get better at making melodies and crafting my own songs, I thought about making an album (I am 53.) That took a while to make, but when I gave it out to people, there were positive reviews! That motivated me to then continue into my studies of Electronic music and start to learn different things (theory, mastering, automation.) As the time went by I started to think about REALLY starting making music (as a hobby) and I went for it. Slowly but surely my next album was in production (Round 2) and received positive reviews as well. After that, more learning and more improving followed as I started working on my 3RD ALBUM (Please RISE.) That album was almost unreleased due to the fact that SoundClick didn't accept ANY of my 13 songs! But, 2 months later, I decided to release it onto my SoundCloud page and, once again, received positive reviews. After that I stuck to singles here and there because I was getting ready to graduate from high school (May 2012.) Once I graduated I kept up with the singles and then wanted to make ANOTHER ALBUM (Upgrade.) Upgrade was a blast to make because I had all of my techniques down and could let my creativity come through. Upgrade was released on December 9th, 2012 and got even better reviews! It's taken me over 4 years to get to where I am and I still have a LONG way to go, but I think I can do it. People tell me that I have a lot of talent and they wouldn't be surprised if I made it in the business. But I still take this as a hobby and plan to keep it that way!
What equipment do you use?
Just FL Studio 10 Producer and a handful of VSTs. I use turtle beach headphones (they work really well!)
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