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Muzak For Cages
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Muzak For Cages doesn't talk.
It's A Good Day Everyday
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Harmony Belt (Edit)
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WOLF Video Edit [2021 Remaster]
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Light (Single Version).mp3
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Muzak For Cages It's A Good Day Everyday Video E
MUZAK FOR CAGES is a studio-only project, started around 1980 to experiment with sound in the fields of electronic music, 'ambient', downbeat and a touch of krautrock. Muzak For Cages almost always creates instrumental music.
Band/artist history
In the 1980s cassette recordings were done, but most of them were deleted later because of the sheer lack of accessible audioquality. In the 1990s two record deals were signed, but both of them led to releases in almost complete secrecy. The first with german Label "Erdenklang" in 1992, spawned two songs on a sampler named "Erdenklang Musik Vol. III - Collector's Items". Tracks are more of a joke, really. The second deal came along with brilliant german label called "F├╝nfundvierzig". In 1998 "Slow Glow" was released. "F├╝nfundvierzig" allowed complete artistic freedom, but the Label was too small to give the release proper promotion. And the style of the music is not compatible for a big audience, we must admit humbly. A few copies though found their way to Japan via "Captain Trip Records". MUZAK FOR CAGES kept making music but didn't go public for a long time, with the exception of some radio work at a small public radio station in ol' Germany. In 2012 the first official sign of life was given by releasing a 'Single' called "Light" as stream and free download. MUZAK FOR CAGES then decided to use SoundClick as official homepage, to freely share some music, videos and "news".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No never. In the early days it would have been impossible, because of technical difficulties to reproduce the music properly. Nowadays MUZAK FOR CAGES doesn't think it is necessary, because it is not a bit interesting to watch people on stage, fumbling on their laptops in the dark, while flickering films being projected. MUZAK FOR CAGES did some private shows for friends and there is an aural document of that called "Das Stahlkirchengebet Live In Der Magnolienfabrik". Just snoop through the web to find it.
Your musical influences
Far too many to mention. Minding the age of MUZAK FOR CAGES, you might guess our earliest roots are in glam, such as T. Rex, Sweet, Roxy Music, etc. Then came Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, PFM and the whole prog-rock lot. After that we were very much into Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, Human League, Japan, Devo, Thomas Dolby, Ultravox!, Telex and those electronic guys, while we also liked to listen to the Minimal Music of Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Andrew Poppy. Alongside of that we were also interested in the more dark side of music and followed the industrial sounds of Laibach as well as the 'static' music by Klaus Wiese. MUZAK FOR CAGES but also loves to listen to the girls in music: Kimbra, St. Vincent, Marina & The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey and many others. For our approach in creating music, Holger Czukay had a big influence.
What equipment do you use?
Win PC, synthesizer, sampler, some simple programs and plug-ins.
Anything else?
Muzak For Cages doesn't talk (by speaking) May peace be with everybody, everyone and everything on earth!
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