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Atomic Thrillride
Atomic Thrillride
4 Tracks
All original band from central Kentucky, Atomic Thrillride formed in the summer of 2011, The band likes the old school flavor of 70's rock mixed with a contempo
Three guys, three instruments and groove oriented, sweat inducing good ol' fashioned rock n' roll.... Based out of central Kentucky, all the members feature an array of experience in the music field and now have come together to form Atomic Thrillride, so while you're here sit back, relax, turn up the speakers and enjoy the ride......
Band/artist history
formed in the summer of 2011, Atomic Thrillride is a three piece consisting of Jeff Chandler (bass and vocals), John Naze (guitars), and Scott Brothers (drums). We are an all original band that hails from central Kentucky.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes. we are starting out now (winter 12), we have a couple scheduled and always looking for more. we love to play live. and they are all special moments in one form or another
Your musical influences
70's bands like Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Mountain, Van Halen, Montrose, Ted Nugent, AC/DC, some punk bands like the Misfits, the Ramones, Black Flag, and more current bands like Clutch, Fu Manchu, Karma to Burn, The Melvins, etc. etc. etc., I could go on forever
What equipment do you use?
a lot of it
Anything else?
just wanted to say to give this band a shot, give it a listen, I think it's cool, and I think that there are still people out there who like real bands putting out pretty cool original music, we just keep doing our thing that makes us happy, and hope we can grab some folks along the way that will also dig the ride.....Atomic Thrillride that is
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