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Streets Don't Sleep(Single Release)2011
Cleveland lyricist "City" is not an unknown face to the hip hop scene. Since the release in 2008 of his debut mixtape "Half Hood Half Burb", he has been making it a point to redefine hip hop as a whole. Known for voice, delivery, and rhyme skills, City is a name that the whole world is about to get used to hearing. City does not only bring you hot beats to vibe to, but lyrical content that will have you actually listening and relating all in one. With the help under his new label, VNV Entertainment based out of Charleston, SC, City is guaranteed to be the next best thing. "Keep The Change Vol. 1" is only a taste of what this mastermind has in store for his fans and new listeners. City is a positive influence for the hip hop culture altogether. The choice is yours. Listen or don't listen. If you do give it a chance, you won't be sorry you did!
Band/artist history
I've been writing hip hop music since i was 10 years old. Developing my skill and maturing as an artist ever since.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to perform. I like small venues to big venues. The bigger the crowd, the more hype i get once i pick up that mic and let the beat drop. The one performance I can remember was at PEABODYS in Cleveland, OH. I was the headlining hip hop artist that night and the place was sold out. The people who showed up to support me and even the ones who were there for the opening acts were amazing. I had a split set with GYFTED, a rapper from Ironton, OH, who really set that night off. We did a great job and I don't think I've had so many people compliment me in one place as much as i got that night. lol.
Your musical influences
Most people would start off saying Tupac, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Eminem, etc. To be completely honest, I love all their work, but it wasnt that big of an influence on me trying to do my own music. It was my life that influenced me the most. The people who had come in and out of my life and the experiences I had endured while growing up made it easy for me to write tracks. It was a way to release my anger, hate, love, etc. I think thats why so many people can relate to me and don't turn my music off after one song. I even have people who hate hip hop and rap that listen to my stuff so apparently, I'm doing something right.
What equipment do you use?
You wouldn't believe it if you saw it.
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