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Ian Ballard
Ian Ballard
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All of the songs we play are my favorite songs for all time and Hank's Cadillac is the perfect band for me. Tom Griffin on bass and vocals, and Dan Berens on dr
I'm a songwriter who also plays in a great country band. I'm proud of the fact that the songs we play are not the dorky top 40 songs on FM stations. I sing, play guitar, and harmonica, Tom Griffin on vocals and bass, and Dan Berens on drums and laugh tracks. We're lucky to know some real good photographers; Thanks to Dan Hogle and Randy (Damn, what's his last name).
Band/artist history
I was born in Canada but have lived in Europe and all over California where I now reside. I have played in many bands throughout the years but my favorite is my current band, Hank's Cadillac. These guys are not only my best friends but they make me sound good. The band is Tom Griffin on bass, and Dan Berens on drums. Johnny D was our drummer until he passed away in August '05. As far as a professional bio is concerned, I wrote Red Roses In My Hand which went to Number 12 and Jukin in Mississippi which went to Number 19 in the Airplay International Charts. I was signed to Excursion Records in the '90's and had one great album produced by Frank Prins who also produced such luminaries as Johnny Paycheck and Tex Williams. The only downside to that experience is that I still have a day job otherwise, it was the time of my life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play mostly in the Inland Empire (Claremont, Upland, etc). In the bigger picture, we're about an hour east of Los Angeles. Our home base is the Pacific Wine Merchants at the train depot on Upland. We also play the Bulldog Pub, Janies Sports Lounge, The Grand Inn, Black Watch Pub, and various local city events.
Your musical influences
Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Mike Nesmith, The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival (John Fogerty), Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Ray Price, Jimmy Wakely, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, John Prine, Hal Ketchum, Buffalo Springfield, Poco, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Greatful Dead, Web Pierce, Faron Young, Dean Martin, Hank's Cadillac
What equipment do you use?
My main performing instruments are a Telecaster, a Heritage 535 with a Bigsby and a Bill Lawrence Swampkaster. My favorite amp is my old Fender Bandmaster that my parents bought for me in 1973. I have put it in a combo cabinet with 2 10" JBL's. I have a Martin JC16RGTE but I also play a Breedlove, a Heritage Les Paul,Guild D-50, Gibson EC-10, Larrivee Parlor, an old Gretsch, etc. Most of my recording is done on a 16 track Fostex VF160 digital recorder. For smaller gigs I use a Fender Blues Jr. I just bought a Tacoma dreadnaught that is real good. Ooh, and a bitchin Ampeg Reverberocket.
Anything else?
I have tried to sell my music for years and have had lackluster results at best. That is why I give it away on the internet. At least, someone is enjoying it. Also, I'm tired of hearing multimillionaire superstars and record executives whine about lost revenues due to internet sharing. Boo hoo, I can't buy a new airplane. Maybe I'd feel different if I was in that situation. I'm not so those people just look greedy to me.
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