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Afterhijrah, An Islamic Hip Hop group from Sacramento is bring music and dawah together to save our youth from the evil hands of Shayton(Satan).
As salaamu alaikum, After Hijrah would like to thank everyone for taking the time out to visit at us our temporary website here at Soundclick.com. Enjoy yourselves and please feel free to participate on our message board. If you want to book us for your islamic event,wedding,fundraiser etc. just drop us a line at afterhijrah@hotmail.com Insh'Allah (God willing) As salaamu alaikum, AH
Band/artist history
The meaning of the name After Hijrah is life after their migration to Islam. After Hijrah started two years ago in Sacramento, California, in the apartment of Ravenoustic Deen. The founding members Ravenoustic Deen, 580,Halal Styles and The Jinn decided to call their small group The Martyrs. Soon after, Maintain joined the group, the group decided to change their name to After Hijrah symbolizing their journey to Islam. We felt that that name did not best represent the groups beliefs and mission 580 said. What started as a weekend hobby intensified into long days and nights of writing rhymes that would eventually be put down on a beat and turned into a song. They would experiment with various sounds and produce their own music. Not equipped with the high technology of a recording studio, all their music was recorded and produced on a small home computer. When we first began, we had to use what we had because we was on a budget 580 stated. After a year of writing and producing their own music, Mind Bender joined the group bringing in the West Coast flavor and keyboard sounds needed to allow the group to reach a broader audience. Mind Bender was a gem that was slept on, and Allah has blessed us with him and his talents Halal Styles noted. Finally, After Hijrah was a complete six-man group. The members of After Hijrah feel that through their music they could reach todays youth both Muslim and non-Muslim through positive sounds unlike those that are being played today on radio and television. Imposing Islamic principles in their music is key to their sound. With five live performances under their belt After Hijrah has become very determined in their mission to give dawah to the masses. The purpose of After Hijrahs music is to remind their listeners and themselves of the importance of their way of life and to inform others about the religion of Al-Islam
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in the town we reside in Sacramento, Ca.Our best mommemt performance has to be our performance at the Sacramento Convention Center in front of Imam's Zaid Shakir and Siraj Wahajj. At first we was nervous because we did not know their opinions on music but after we finished we was assured by both Imam's that we were in the right direction.
Anything else?
" If you don't like our music then make Du'aa for us"-Halal Styles