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Child of God, Servant, Husband, Father, Brother Friend & Worshipper!!
Thank You
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I need you now
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Lord Keep me Focused (un-edited sample)
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Have mercy Father
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My life be like
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Born and raised in Ocala,fl. Horse capital of the world aka slow-cala where life is just that..slow yet alot goes on good and bad in my city! A product of the church and witness of the streets I found my place in being a mediator of the two worlds. Being raised in church there was always a void left to be filled by the absence of "real" in the church! (That grey area where most find comfort in the things of old rather what is holy and acceptable to the Lord Jesus!) Seeing the void I wondered what it took to separate totally from the "world" and still keep it real... Music that's how! My Lord and Savior lead me to his loving arms and ministry through bouts of depression and what I would classify as mental illness! It wasn't until I faced that giant in my life that I personally sought the Lord with my whole heart seeking healing and hope. That's when He charged my name from just "T" to "Rebuker" a "Brother Like No Other" (B.L.N.O) pronounced Be-El-No which I later combined into one name, RebukerBLNO! Rebuker the minister through rapping and BLNO the humble warrior through worship!
Band/artist history
My style hasn't changed over the years i try my best to stay timeless with my praise and true to my character reflection in my instrumentals and lyric delivery! I was forced to go silent while i maneuvered through life after the group i was in got disassembled so finding my new route of life again took some time but i kept my ambition to one day get back into grind mode concerning music so here I am back in action ready to engage the world with my music!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Strange I can say yes but every time is like the first! I strarted this journey with a group of six which we eventually made it on same stage with some major hitters like Tye Tribett, Canton Jones, Also onto the Bobby Jones show amonst Ricky Dillard, Kim Burrell, Melvin Williams, Vikie Winans, Byron Cage and too many others down in Hollywood, Fl. So national tv debut to many other cites here in Florida concerning performances. But as a solo artist I am slowly engaging back into the music culture and revamping my younger Holy ambition to reach the lost! Be on the look out!
Your musical influences
Looking back in time my most influential artist that gave me the most hope when i first started listening to gospel predominantly were... (Not in any particular order) Deitrick Haddon, Canton Jones, Lecrae, Donnie McCurklin, Smokie Norful, Tonex (Personal Jesus), Trin-i-tee 57, Kirk Franklin, and on the secular side Outkast, Trick Daddy, Field Mob, alot of down south rappers helped me develops some type of style mostly Andre 3000, Goodie Mob, 8 Ball MJG type vibes!
What equipment do you use?
I have a pretty basic setup, Lenovo pc, FL Studio 20, Behringer monitors and audio interface and a decent condenser Mic off eBay and a whole lot fire waiting to happen!
Anything else?
Looking forward to a new start!
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