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Mr Strange
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Mr. Strange is a fictional character played by a non-fictional man. He aims to entertain like-minded weirdos via various media-based projects. Mr. Strang
Mr. Strange - Carousel
Mr. Strange is a fictional character played by a non-fictional man. He aims to entertain like-minded weirdos via various media-based projects. Mr. Strange was the only founding member (and has been the lead singer / songwriter) of circus-rock-steampunk band 'The Shanklin Freak Show' since it's inception in 2003. Since August 2011, he has released three full-length albums. The first was a collection of his very early work entitled 'Sounds From The Asylum' which was swiftly followed a month later by a re-release of 'The Fall' from 2007. Finally, in November 2011, he released a retrospective double-album featuring songs from his time as singer, songwriter and producer of The Shanklin Freak Show. Mr. Strange is now working on a new, genre-defying album enitiled 'The Wonderful World Of Weird' which is due for release in 2012.
Band/artist history
DISCOGRAPHY: 1998-2000. MR. STRANGE - VARIOUS. Four or five bad mix-tape albums. A mixture of Hardhouse, Drum & Bass, Trip Hop and utter crap, these albums have never been (and never will be) released. 2000-2003. MR. STRANGE - SOUNDS FROM THE ASYLUM. The first "true" album by Mr. Strange. A mixture of Goth, Drum & Bass, Trip-Hop, Breakbeat and Experimental music, Sounds From The Asylum will be officially released in late 2011. 2003-2006. LAMA LOUNGE - ARMCHAIR ADVENTURES. A chilled out, jazzy trip-hop album made with co-member, Randy Bones (Mr. X). After one live show and some minor label interest, the project was put on hiatus, but never officially disbanded. 2003-2007. MR. STRANGE - THE FALL A dark, industrial, electro-rock album. This record has also been released via his band 'The Shanklin Freak Show' The album will be officially released in late 2011. 2008. GLOBAL CITIZEN - MASTER STROKE Mr. Strange mixed and acted as co-producer on this dark, perverse, electro / industrial album by London-based band, Global Citizen. The album was released via the underground UK label, RebCo Records in 2008. Vinyl copies of the single 'Tea Time' were pressed. 2003-2008. THE SHANKLIN FREAK SHOW - ACT II The Shanklin Freak Show's first (and most successful album) to date. It has received very positive reviews from critics and sold a little under 1000 copies since it's release. 2010. GLOBAL CITIZEN - NIL BY MOUTH Once again, Mr. Strange mixed and acted as co-producer on Global Citizen's 2010 album, Nil By Mouth. Released via Honour & Glory records in 2011. Three controversial promo videos have been made to support the album. 2003-2011. THE SHANKLIN FREAK SHOW - WELCOME TO THE SHOW The prequel to 2008's 'ACT II - The Light Fantastic' - it was released to critical acclaim in January 2011. Welcome To The Show is considered to be the bands best work to date. 2003-2011. MR. STRANGE - FREAKSHOW A mammoth, 38 track retrospective album chronicling Mr. Strange's songs that he wrote under the 'Shanklin Freak Show' banner. 13 songs are new & unreleased, 4 are new intermissions, and the rest have been rerecorded and / or remixed. Many songs feature new guitar work by 'Shanklin Freak Show' guitarist, Stench. 2012. MR. STRANGE - THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WEIRD The latest record by Mr. Strange is called 'The Wonderful World Of Weird' and will be released in early 2012. Although what you are about to hear is a work of fiction, it should nevertheless be played at maximum volume... Mr. Strange
Have you performed in front of an audience?
After 5 years of touring and performing live as frontman of The Shanklin Freak Show, I have decided to take an extended break from playing live shows. I currently have no plans to perform live again.
Your musical influences
Dr. Steel, Danny Elfman, Creature Feature, Joe Black, Mr. Bungle, Mike Patton, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, B52's, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Insane Clown Posse, David Bowie, White Zombie, Philip Glass, Twiztid, etc.
What equipment do you use?
Half-broken home studio equipment. A two-stringed electric guitar, cheap USB mic, kids toys that make funny noises, a Mac, an accordion I can't play, MIDI keyboard, tens of thousands of synth patches and Reason 4.
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