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Apollos is a Christian Hip Hop Artist, Musician (Guitarist) & Producer hailing from the upstate region of Buffalo, NY. He has been serving the Lord since 2003.
"The Chastisement Of Our Peace"
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"One True G.O.D"
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"Somber Days"
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"Come To Christ"
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Apollos: 'Comprehend' ((Official)) Music Video
Biography: Apollos is a Christian Hip Hop Artist, Musician (Guitarist) & Producer hailing from the upstate region of Buffalo, NY. He has been serving the Lord ever since he accepted Christ back in 2003. Apollos is the founder of John 3:16 Ministries (an Urban Street Teaching Ministry), as well as the Owner / President of the Independent Label: Colosal Productions. His music ministry brings a fresh new sound that combines rugged east coast beats, crazy wild guitar stylings and a strong emphasis on Theologically sound, Christ centered lyricism. Mission: "Teaching the truth of God through the medium of hip hop" -Apollos
Band/artist history
As a Christian artist in (2009) he released the Prog Rock / Hip Hop fusion instrumental guitar album Colosus (featured in Michael Molendas Guitar Player Magazine column). In (2010) Apollos stepped behind the mic for the 1st time in almost fifteen years to Preach Christ through the medium of hip hop as he calls it. As an emcee Apollos brings an old school flavor reminiscent of hip hops Golden Age, yet as a Christian he brings Christ centered, Theologically sound lyricism. Apollos has stated that his return to the mic was based on a combination of a burden for the lost & a re-energized inspiration to rhyme after being influenced by Christian hip hop artist such as The Cross Movement, Lamp Mode Records & Christcentric.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, wherever invited.
Your musical influences
Apollos brings a wealth of musical diversity to the table. As a Musician / Producer he is student of various styles of musical influence including: Christian Hip Hop, Gospel, Christian Contemporary, Christian Rock, Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive, Pop & Country to name a few. Apollos has repeatedly stated that he is a Hip Hip Purist drawing the majority of his Production influence from hip hops Golden Age circa (1986-1998). His influence On the guitar draws from the Classic Rock era cira (1964-1991) as well as the Chicago electric blues styles of the 50s and 60s. He has stated that once he came to faith in Christ he gave up listing to secular music for enjoyment purposes, becoming disenchanted with the glorification of excess and licentiousness. He has stated while he still respects certain players for their musical ability, it would be great to have guys who could play that style of guitar without glorifying sin in their music.
What equipment do you use?
Self Modified Guitars.
Anything else?
Currently he is set to release the follow up to the underground success: Theological Implications 101 (2011), with the highly anticipated sophomore album: Frontlines (due out: January 25TH, 2012). A stated earlier this trail blazing album will feature a whole new sound that combines rugged east coast beats, with crazy wild guitar stylings, and as always Christ centered biblically sound lyricism. There are also plans to reissue the Colosus project under the new title Apollos Presents: Colosus either in late (2011) or early (2012). Christ is Lord!!
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