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The Unflushables
The Unflushables
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The Unflushables are here for fun and chaos. Featuring Chris Wilson formally of the Los Angeles based punk/glam band The Mistakes. Chris, Sean Christopher and J
THE UNFLUSHABLES are the newest shit punk band outta South Florida. We are here to have fun and then take a shit on your head. Chris, Sean, and Justin Jr. are going to be fucking shit up soon. Keep you ears open for noise and eyes open to be sure you don't step in the shit! Chris was the bass player and co-founder of the Hollywood, CA based punk glam band THE MISTAKES. He was also in SATAN'S CANDY MACHINE as well as other Los Angeles based projects. He has been a long time member of the world famous punk band UNWANTED as well. Most recently he was playing bass with the Miami based punk band D.N.R. (Dirty Nasty Rotters) and is now starting THE UNFLUSHABLES! Sean was an original member of LARRY, the first incarnation of THE MISTAKES and has been the other long time member of the world's greatest band, UNWANTED. He is jumping from drums and 40oz to guitar, bass, and vodka. Junior is the drummer. A natural talent and at only 17, the youngest member of the band. We are hoping that all his high school groupies will bring their friends to make the shows look like people like us. Just have to find an all ages venue to play so they will let him in!!!!
Band/artist history
Just three guys wanting to play music and have fun writing songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will be playing live starting in March of 2012, watch out and don't step in the crap.
Your musical influences
Old punk. The Ramones, Black Flag, The Misfits, NY Dolls, Social D and so on. Also Op Ivy and Rancid. Rock stuff like Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Kiss, and yes..even Poison!
What equipment do you use?
Whatever we can borrow!!!!
Anything else?
Have fun, and make sure when you drop the kids off at the pool, you send them to the deep end. If they don't flush....RUN!!!!
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